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Which courses can I take at the centre for continuing education?

I want to do continuing education for psychologists because my education background is in psychology. However, I would also like to do a short course in accounting continuing education. I would like to do an accounting course because I plan on starting a business and I would like to do all the accounting on my own in the first few years. The centre for continuing education has amazing reviews and I have no doubt I will get quality education there. Do they offer psychology and accounting courses in their continuing education programs?

Curtis Rhodes

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Victoria Fowler on March 15, 2018

The continuing education centre is run by the University of Sydney. The centre provides a number of short courses which are available to the general public.  These courses have been available since the year 1886 and the throughout the years, the training has been offered by experts from the University of Sydney. Therefore, whether you want to do psychologists continuing education programs or continuing education in accounting, this is the right institution.

Since you only want to learn basic accounting, the best course to take at the centre is the Xero accounting course.  Xero is a great and very effective course offered by the University of Sydney through their education centre. It is a one day course that teaches you how to use the Xero software to manage your business accounts. It is a perfect course for anyone who is running a small to medium business. From this course, you will not only learn basic accounting skills but also develop important skills which will enable you to utilize the different features of the software. Once you are done with the program, you will not need to hire an accounting expert. You will have all the knowledge you need to manage your accounting at your fingertips. Some of the things you will be able to do after completing this short course include:

  • Record customers payments
  • Perform bank reconciliations
  • Make creditor payments
  • Handle complex invoices
  • Modify your accounts to meet your business needs
  • Enter supplier and customer details into the software
  • Make sales to your customers and so much more.

The centre is also a great place to further your psychology education. The great thing about this education centre is the fact that it is open to everyone. Whether you are simply fascinated by how the human mind works or you simply want to further your psychology education for better career advancement, there is a course for everyone. Since the centre is run by the University of Sydney, you get a chance to utilize all the resources available at the university. You also get to be taught by professionals working at the university and interact with the students getting their training there as well. It not only provides a great platform for education but also a great platform for networking. There are numerous courses you can do to and the best thing is that you do not necessarily have to do it for career advancement.

Jordan Soto2 years ago

I agree. The centre for continuing education by the University of Sydney is among the best in Australia. This centre is an excellent choice for psychology, accounting and other courses. The only thing I would warn you about is the long wait list. Since this centre is among the best, there are so many people who apply for the programs in a year. Therefore, you might have to wait for a long time before you start your courses. I would encourage you to visit their site regularly to find out when they have openings and when they are receiving applications for the course you want to do. It might also be a good idea to contact the school to get more information about the application dates. This way, you will know when you can apply for the programs. Also, make sure you submit your application several months before when you want to begin your course. This will improve your chances of getting in.

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