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Which could be the entire interval over which the function, f(x), is negative? A) (–8, –2) B) (–8, 0) C) (–∞, –6) D) (–∞, –4) Download png

Ralph Lopez

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on February 8, 2018

For this case we have a function of the form: y = f (x) Where, x: independent variable y: dependent variable To answer the question, we must see in the table the values of the independent variable x, for which the values of the dependent variable f (x) are negative. We then have that the interval that satisfies this condition is from minus infinity to less than 4, not including 4. Therefore, (–∞, -4) Answer: The interval on which the function f(x), is negative: D) (–∞, -4)

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