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Which correctly summarizes the trend in electron affinity?it tends to be very high for group tends to be more negative across a tends to remain the same across tends to be more negative down a group?

Rodney Fox

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Rodney Fox on April 23, 2018

The statement that sums up correctly the trend of the electron affinity is the second option: tends to be more negative across a period". The electron affinity is the energy absorbed or released by a neutral atom when it absorbs an electron. The more negative the electron affinity the higher the affinity of the atom for an additional electron. As well as the electronegativity trends of increase across a period, indicating that the atoms on the left side pull stronger than that of the electrons, the fact that the electron affinity is more negative across a period indicates that the atoms on the left better accept an additional electron.

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