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Which continuing education courses are there for me?

I would like to pursue continuing education courses in my profession. I am a nurse. I understand there are several courses out there in many different professions. Some of these courses can even lead to adult degree programs. I would like to pursue my studies to get the degree level, from the current diploma I hold. Where can I pursue my continuing studies in the most convenient manner possible? Which of these places can ensure that I get my adult education degree? I really look forward to receiving your advice on this issue.

Dana Keller

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Kathy Robinson on August 21, 2018

You can get your opportunity to pursue courses in continuing education at the following places. This is a site that is entirely dedicated to providing nurses with continuing education opportunities. They have diverse courses that cover most of the basic needs of adults who wish to gain higher education in the field of nursing. Their courses use text, audio and video resources which enhance learning. Their webinars and seminars also help learners to gain important insights into developments in their field of practice. This ensures that the knowledge gained, is based on the latest information available. The knowledge provides a practical enhancement of best practice in nursing.

Penn. The University of Pennsylvania offers different courses on its portal that lead to bachelors and masters degrees. They give you an opportunity for lifelong studies continuation even after you have attained your degree. The center for professional development at their school of nursing is fully dedicated to providing practitioners like you with lifelong refresher education opportunities. Their courses enhance four key areas of nursing: research, theory, practice, and administration. These ensure that you are up to date with all the latest developments in the field of nursing.

Pace. The Pace University online portal also gives those who wish to improve their academic status a good opportunity to do so. Among their offerings is the Nursing Completion Program for Registered Nurses (RNs). This takes into account the fact that many RNs have associate degrees and diplomas, and would like to upgrade to the BSN level. They also offer opportunities to study for your 2nd degree. The courses also give the learners the opportunity to improve practice and research. Like other online courses, these programs for adult degrees are flexible, so they don’t interfere with your continuing nursing practice in the field.

Goshen. The Goshen College also offers very good learning programs for adults upgrading from RN to BSN status. This course is best suited for nurses who are already practicing. This allows them to study for their clinical hours at their place of work, while they pursue the other aspects of the program online. The idea of getting a BSN is not an option since all nurses are required by US law to have these degrees by the year 2020. The Goshen Option is one easy way of getting your degree through adult education at manageable costs.  

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

There are very many opportunities to pursue continuing education courses in the field of nursing. Some of them are definitely more reliable than others. I would go with the Ivy League institutions if I were you. Nursing is an old field, so these institutions have well-developed and structured learning programs. Such programs have been developed over long periods of time, making them highly specialized. The only Ivy League institution I see here is the University of Pennsylvania. I have nothing against the other suggestions. There is no doubt that they have a lot to offer too. However, they are unfortunately not as readily and widely recognized as the Ivy leagues. So I would advise that you go for the Penn option, before trying any other suggestion here. This way, you will get a BSN that not only makes you highly qualified but also highly marketable in the field.


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