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Which choice is a pair of isomers? view available hint(s) which choice is a pair of isomers? ch3ch2ch2ch3 and ch3ch(ch3)2 ncch3 and ch3cn ch3oh and ch3och3 1-pentene and 2-methylbutane butanol and propene?

Carlton Burgess

in Chemistry

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on November 23, 2018

Easy to understand all the pairs of compounds are drawn below,Answer a: Choice (Butane and 2-Methyl propane) and the-D Option (Pentane and 2-Methyl butane)are isomers of each other.Explanation: the Isomers are those compounds that have the same molecular formula but different structural formula.In given options, the Option-B are not isomers because they are the same compounds, only rotated by 180°.The option-C are not isomers because the number of carbo, and the hydrogen atoms are not the same.The-E option are not isomers because the number of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen atoms are not the same.

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