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Which chemical species can easily form an ionic bond with a cation? Sr Ne NH4+ PO43–

Kristi Hammond

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Kristi Hammond on September 20, 2018

Answer : Option D Explanation : The chemical species that can form a ionic bond with a cation will be .As for the definition of ionic bond is a chemical bond that forms between two ions that have opposite charges. An Ionic bond is formed when an atom gives its one or more electrons to another atom. These bonds can readily form between a pair of atoms or between molecules.This type of union is most widely seen in the bonds present in the salts. In comparison with other options that are being offered, is the best option as the total number of 32 valence electrons, which is highest among the given choices. Their tendency to form ionic bonds with other cations is much higher in comparison to the others.P has 5 electrons, which is combines with 4 atoms of O which have 6 pairs of free load and -3, that is to say, the acceptance of 3 electrons so it will be (+3), so that the total number of valence electrons will be 5 + 6 (4) + 3 = 32.

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