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Which charter schools have some of the best resources that can provide quality high school education for my child?

My daughter has completed junior high school but I’m looking to transfer her to a better school. I’ve been considering charter schools for a while now, and I think it’s time we give one a try.   There’s a lot of schools out there, but I’m confused about how to identify one that has a better position in the school ranking. I’m looking for a school that will not only help my child get good high school grades but also help him develop social skills.

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on January 2, 2018

You should take a lot of things into consideration when changing schools. For example, most charter-schools are quite small, so make sure your child is ready for that. Despite their size, these schools can provide quality education and help the student get good grades at high school. There are a lot of school rankings provided by the state or educational stakeholders, but they usually do not provide any detailed information.

Here are some of the best charter schools in the country—in my opinion:

  1. Oakland Charter High: It is one of the best schools in California. If your child attends this school, the chances are high that she will enroll in Advanced Placement classes. When a student takes these classes, they receive better chances of getting into a good college and pursuing lucrative careers. The school has enough resources and facilities to help its educators provide quality education services, which in turn will help students get good grades.
  2. Harmony Science Academy: This school is situated in Texas and it has a higher ranking. In fact, it is amongst the top 15 best charter schools in Texas. What makes it one of the best charters schools in the country is its high rate of students taking part in advanced placement classes—94%. It is an indication that the quality of teaching in this school is high. Therefore, the high position of the learning institution is justified.
  3. Stapleton High School: It is ranked amongst the first three schools in Colorado. This is an indication that the quality of teaching at Stapleton is exceptionally high. In fact, it even has an impressive place in the national ranking—it is ranked 97. This is a school that I strongly encourage you to take your child to. It is a good high school that can prepare your child for college and future professional career.
  4. Woods charter: This is one of my favorite charter high schools. It is found in Northern Carolina, and its ranking is 4th. 98% of students in this school normally participate in Advanced Placement classes. This is a very high percentage, and as a parent who is concerned about the education of their child, you should definitely consider Woods Charter as one of your options.

    Also, the transition from regular junior high schools to charter schools may not always be smooth—your child may need to start working more on her studies.

Olive Wilsona year ago

I’d like to offer my point of view on the issue, I hope you find it useful. Charter schools are a great option for students who don’t fit in at regular public schools or are not challenged enough. However, they are definitely not for everyone. My sister’s kid transferred to a charter school last year, and he was miserable there. First of all, there is a lot more work than in a public school. The kids have to endure longer hours, larger amounts of homework, harder assignments. Moreover, most students at these schools come from rich families, so if your kid does not have the latest gadgets, he or she might feel like an outsider. And the teachers at charter schools do not get paid that much more than the public school teachers, so their alleged dedication to the job is also questionable. This is just the experience our family had, so maybe you will have more luck. But remember, that charter schools may also close without much warning if they do not get enough funding. So there are quite a few risks for you to consider.

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