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Which challenges do immigrant students face?

Last week I attended a political class where a lecturer assigned us a takeaway test at the end of the lesson to analyze the education for immigrants. I came across an article that pointed out the challenges immigrant students face. I decided to analyze the assignment by looking at this aspect of immigrant education and the problems these students have. I would like help to find information that would help me fully understand and analyze this topic. I would appreciate any insight that can shed light on the issues encountered when educating immigrant students.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on September 10, 2018

I have been working with an organization for the past three years trying to help out students-immigrants receive the same opportunities as others. It is true that the immigrant community faces many barriers and this community also includes many students. Our organization is taking significant steps to work with policymakers in the community urging them to provide equal educational opportunities to students regardless of them being migrants or immigrants.

Last year we had a meeting with some policymakers to address some of the challenges facing immigrant student education. Immigrant students often migrate into the country and enroll in a school like the rest of the other students. However, these students often face issues that other students do not. I was asked to compile a list of some of these challenges where I came up with a list of federal, state and institutional barriers that most these students experience.

It is likely for an immigrant student to delay entry into college compared to migrant students. You will find that many students in the immigrant community complete high school and take a gap year before enrolling in college and they often enroll as part-time students. This is mostly caused by financial constraints these students face. A big percentage of these students depend on themselves, and they tend to have a higher level of unmet financial needs.

Another issue facing education of immigrants is the restriction to receiving financial aid. Many undergraduate students depend on financial aid that can be received from the state. The students in the immigrant community are also in dire need of this financial assistance however they are not eligible for the financial aid because it is provided to only citizens.

Another problem is that immigrants in high school are often not well prepared for college. Some of these students move into the country when they have completed high school diplomas; although many of them did not receive proper education at the primary and secondary level. This becomes a challenge since these students have a hard time getting into college.

When it comes to K-12 public education, some stated restricts the provision of this education to undocumented students. When a state implements this law, they create a barrier between these students and education attainment. These undocumented students cannot, therefore, enroll in public schools.

Jessie Thompson2 years ago

I am a postgraduate immigrant student who completed school a few years ago. My family and came into the country when I was just five years old, and I undertook all my studies in a country where I was considered as an immigrant. I experience firsthand many obstacles. Throughout my time in high school and college, I went through all the challenges mentioned in the list. I never attended public school which was free because my state passed a law restricting undocumented students from receiving a free public education. My financial constraints continued through college where I did not receive any student loan as a relief. My problem did not end after completing college. I undertook a nursing course in my post-secondary education however after completion of the program there were challenges for getting my academic certificate. 

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