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Which career personality quiz can I use to choose a new career?

I trained as an hotelier in college and have worked the industry for almost a decade now. Back when I was choosing careers, taking personality test for jobs was not common. However, working in the hotel industry was what I wanted since middle school.

I now wish to venture elsewhere. I have tried a free career assessment with free results I found randomly on the internet but I doubt the outrageous options it suggested.

Any suggestion of a good career personality quiz? How is the Briggs personality test?

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on March 5, 2018

Myers Briggs

Myer Briggs personality test is a popular and reliable assessment that classifies people to a four-letter personality type. It uses the notion that a person is an introvert or extrovert, intuitive or sensing, feeling or thinking and perceiving or judging. An example of a personality under this system is INFP, which means introvert, intuitive, feeling and perceiving. The actual test costs about $50.  

16 Personalities

This method combines Briggs and big five to come up with a new comprehensive job personality test. It takes a few minutes to answer the questions and even less to deliver the results. Total time is about 12 minutes.

Keirsey Temperament-Sorter

This test is based on a temperament theory by keirsey. It states that individuals can be grouped into four categories or temperaments. That is artisan, rational, guardian and idealist. It mainly assesses people’s actions and their relationships with others. It is a lengthy test, so be patient.

My Next Move

This is a measure of your interests and preference towards specific tasks. It is sponsored by the Labor Department of the United States Government. This test tries to establish whether you would like doing certain work. It has several questions, which makes it quite a reliable career indicator.

PI Behavioral test

This Predictive Index test evaluates main personality attributes that describe and predict daily work environment behaviors. This test thoroughly tests your strengths, job behaviors and potential work output. This criterion is then used to match you to career that suit you.

This tool helps you understand the things that motivate you. You are able to find different jobs and field that you do not know about. It generates hundreds of opportunities that suit you in a hierarchy from the most suitable to the least match.

The Big Five assessment test

This well-known tool cannot miss on the list of the best career personality quizzes. It assesses your various personal traits then places you to any of the five distinctive personality types: neuroticism, extraversion, openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness. By knowing which trait you fall under, you can identify which career you prefer.

Holland Code

This test identifies your suitability to specific careers based on six occupation traits. That is realistic, artistic, investigative, conventional, enterprising and social. It shows you your main interest fields in comparison with other areas.

You can find free career assessments with free results online that imitate these tests.

Brian Warnera year ago

The best career personality quiz I would recommend would be the MAPP assessment career testing. It is not only popular with most career finders but also well reviewed by its customers. I would say it is both reliable and highly accurate. You can find it on website. They have a free sample package that is quite simple with five career suggestions.

It will show you the kind of jobs you would love working in and those you would completely despise. The site offers two different packages; the starter-package that costs $90 gives you up to 20 different matches. These are quite general and may not provide very specific jobs.

There is also the executive-package that is quite expensive (costs around $150). It gives a comprehensive report and matches you to 900 potential career paths. It is a relatively long test assessment with several questions. It takes about 30 minutes.

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