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Which calculation can be used to find the value of y in the equation y3 = 27? y=y equals 27 over 3 y=y equals cube root of 27 y=y equals square root of 27 over 3 y=y equals square root of 27

Brandon Scott

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Roger Moore on January 1, 2018

Answer:the value of y is 3step-by-step explanation:Given an equation: Any term that has a power of 3 is known as a cube-term.A cube root is any number that has an inverse of the power 3, I.and, the cube root of x is denoted by or To resolve the value of y : or we can write to this son of simplify:y=3therefore, the value of y is 3, by calculation and is equal to the cube root of 27.

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