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Which best illustrates the way in which radiation transfers thermal energy? (in order from top to bottom) A. B. C. D. Download png

Annie Barnes

in Physics

1 answer

1 answer

Carlton Burgess on November 12, 2018

The correct answer to the question is B. hot to cold.EXPLANATION:Before you reach any conclusion, first we have to understand radiation and conduction.The radiation is the type of mode of transmission of thermal energy in which the radiation travels through space or the vacuum without heating the intervention of the media.On the other hand, driving is the mode of transmission of heat from one body to another body that are in contact with each other or the hottest part to the coldest parts of a body without any kind of transport of material particles.The heat always flows from a body at higher temperature to a body at a lower temperature in the absence of external work performed. The reverse is not possible in the normal case.Therefore, the correct option will be B . This is due to the fact that the heat flows from the hot body to the cooler body, and there is no direct contact between the body. Correctly explain the mode of transmission of thermal energy through the process of radiation.

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