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Which best explains why water boils in a pot sitting over fire? Heat energy is created from the thermal energy in the air. Heat energy is transferred from the water to the fire. Thermal energy from the fire moves to the water in the form of heat. Thermal energy from the surrounding air moves to the water.

Kyle Mckinney

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on September 11, 2018

Hello! The phrase that best explains why water boils in a pot sitting on the fire is that the Thermal energy of heat moves the water in the form of heat.Why?Heat is the energy transferred when the limit of a system thermodynamics is crossed.The heat is transferred by different mechanisms. Driving: If two solid bodies touch each other, heat flows from the body with higher temperature to body with lower temperature.Convection: Is the transfer of heat due to fluid motion. Radiation: All objects in the universe emit heat through the emission of electromagnetic radiation in this form of heat transfer. In boiling water in a pot sitting on the fire, the fire has a higher temperature than the water, so that the heat flows from the fire to the pot, and then to the water. Have a nice day!

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