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Which best explains how the title of A Rumor of War can be considered a paradox? Those who experienced the war are the only ones who know the truth. Stories that are told during times of war should never fully be believed. Wars are far too real and large scale to ever be considered merely rumors. Rumors about the war were everywhere before the war officially began.

Mindee Nelson

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1 answer

Mindee Nelson on April 15, 2019

In his book of memoirs "Rumor of War" Philip Caputo tells his story when he served in the infantry in the Vietnam War. A Paradox is a statement that contains two opposite facts within itself, and therefore it is sometimes hard to believe. For example:Drinking too much water can make you feel thirsty, the paradox here is that it is difficult to believe that something that normally quenches thirst can make you feel otherwise.In the title of Caputo's Memoir "a Rumor of War", the phrase that best exemplifies the paradox is:Wars are all too real and large-scale to ever be considered more than rumors.

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