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Which best defines transparent and provides an example of a material that is transparent to light? A. the ability to absorb light; for example, the leaf of a plant B. the ability to transmit light; for example, water C. the ability to reflect light; for example, gold D. the ability to refract light; for example, the diamond in a ring

Jeffrey Rodriguez

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1 answer

William Cain on May 20, 2018

Answer: option B. The ability to transmit light; for example, water. The transparency is due to the passage of light. The step of the light is what is called transmission of light. The light can be reflected, refracted or transmitted. Remember that light is the combination of several waves with different frequencies. When the light falls on an object, the interaction may be some frequencies are reflected and others transmitted. Transparent objects are those that allow the tha to pass (transmit) the majority of the light waves and so let the eyes and the instruments to see through them.

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