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Which are the top online masters degree courses?

Which is the right online masters degree to undertake after my undergraduate degree? Will it help me achieve my career goals? What are the qualifications for the different online masters programs? If I have an online math degree, which masters degree do I qualify for? Will I be able to get financial aid if I choose to advance my online economics degree? Will it cover all my tuition fees or will I be required to pay some of the bills? How long does it take to get an online masters degree? Will it interfere with my current job? Will the lecturers be available any time I need to consult?

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on March 19, 2018

There are various online post graduate degrees that anyone may choose to undertake depending on the taken undergraduate course or the choice of career. Some of these are:

  • Academic online masters degree; this is directed towards building on the knowledge that was gained in the course of the undergraduate degree. The programs taught are more advanced as one only concentrates on one project. These on-line post graduate degrees are;

Arts (MA) - deals with humanities and also arts programs like English, history, and philosophy.

Science (MSC) - deals with science, social science as well as engineering range of subjects.

Research (MRes) - Deals with training in extensive research as one gets ready for a PhD.

Philosophy (MPhyl) - this degree is purely based on research and looks like a PhD though its scope is limited.

Letters MLitt) - Offered by selected England universities for programs that are research-based.

  • Online masters degrees for professionals: This is a path taken by those who have the desire to advance in their careers. They include;

Social works online higher degree (MSW).

Online higher degree in Engineering

Higher degree in Psychology

Fine Arts advanced degree

  • Higher degrees in business: they are preferred by those who wish to assume managerial positions or upcoming professionals in business. They include;

Business administration advanced degree

Higher degree in management

Masters of Business Administration.

  • Advanced law courses: these are for the students who wish to practice law. They include:

Higher degree in law

A course in legal practice

Law diploma graduate

  • Advanced training courses for teachers: these will allow a student to qualify to teach on either a primary or a secondary level of education.

The one who opts for online economics degrees will do so as to acquire a managerial or administrative position in the company he is working for or for another company. In some companies, getting a certificate automatically means your salary gets to be higher and this is a great driving force in the workforce today. You will not just sit and watch people come after you and leave you in the same position as they go higher.

  • Postgraduate conversion courses: these are a postgraduate course that a student will pursue if he wishes to take a different career path from what he studied for in the undergraduate program. To do this, a student must show that he had a passion for the career path before. If for example he wants to be a Math teacher, one must be able to show that he had an interest in a classroom environment even if it was as an untrained teacher. This will qualify him to go for an on-line math degree. If it is a law course, he must have previously worked under a lawyer before to prove that it is true that it’s the career path he would like to take.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

Conversion courses are the breath of life for many students who just enter a university, take a course just to have a sense of belonging or simply because that is what their parents want them to become. However, this should not be the case, one must have to set a clear goal in life when he enters a university. Decide who you want to become, not who your friends or parents want you to be. This will save you the trouble of having to incur an extra expense that conversion courses cost. Remember an online masters degree is not free if you get a chance to study, do your best. Do not let the freedom ruin your commitment to excel in life, make a schedule and stick to it. If your tutor gives an assignment, ensure it is done well if it is a test, do it in the best way. Make use of every cent you have spent on that online economics degree and you will reap the fruits of your work in the end.

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