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Which are the most useful study abroad programs?

There are several study abroad programs being advertised these days. The problem is in identifying the best ones for my studies. I would like you to help me understand which ones are suitable to engage since I am told there are a lot of not really good programs out there. Which of them can genuinely help me to pursue my study overseas venture? Please help me since I only want to engage the best study abroad programs. I don’t want to settle for something that will cost me money but won’t help me much.

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on May 30, 2018

There are so many programs for studies abroad advertising to help students. Some of them are very thorough in their work, while others are still struggling to get their operations right. It is quite confounding to get the right one if you do not know where to look. Here are two of the best programs for studies abroad:

  • Study This is the largest and best-known organization supporting studies overseas. The program targets students who venture out of their countries for the sake of their education. They assist students in the following areas:
  1. Students face several challenges like identifying the right institution, foreign language acquisition, understanding the new education system, travel document requirements, finding accommodation and even culture crush problems. Study has proved useful over the years in helping students overcome these challenges.
  2. They also make arrangements in different countries to ensure that students settle in comfortably.
  3. The organization has staff in different countries that offer student support whenever their clients seek it. This kind of support is particularly important in a foreign land, where it can be very lonely.
  • CIEE. This is another big organization that supports college students in foreign countries. They help with placements in learning institutions found in almost every nation in the world. Their programs include the following:
  1. They help students acquire scholarships and study grants, as many want to study abroad, but few can afford it. They also have a wide network of student support services which come in handy.
  2. Giving internships and job placement opportunities for work experience in those countries. This saves the students the hard work of organizing such placements for themselves.
  3. Providing an elaborate health support system to ensure the well-being of the learners in foreign environments. This includes taking all the necessary inoculations against diseases common in the new learning environment. In addition, they provide information and services that ensure the learner's safety during their entire stay.
  4. The organization also assists students to get the foreign documents required of them and get language acquisition to fit into the curriculum offered.
  5. Interestingly, they are also involved in advocacy to ensure that the learner gets the program he desires and deserves. It can be a little challenging for a student to find time to negotiate to be enrolled in the correct course, so CIEE does it for them. 

Ronald Millera year ago

It is true that Study offers the best services in student support for studies overseas. I have been their client ever since I started my studies in Australia, and I have never regretted having engaged them. Their student support services are great. They go out of their way to solve any problems you may face during your studies. They personally intervened to stop some unscrupulous businessmen from arbitrarily increasing my accommodation costs, without sufficient notice. That had caused me a lot of stress since I was on the verge of taking my exams at the time. They complained to the municipal authorities on my behalf, which I would not have done on my own. The problem was solved, so I concentrated on my studies. I don’t know much about CIEE, but I can certainly vouch for Study It is simply a great support organization to engage. 

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