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Which are the best ways on how to improve yourself?

As an individual who values the aspect of personal development, I make an effort to learn at least one thing a day that will enable me to improve my life. I however would appreciate if someone could share aspects of how to improve yourself in life. Please provide some techniques that give productive results on bettering yourself. They should not be techniques that necessarily require one to pick the brain but those that are easy to implement. They should also include suggestions that advocate for self-love, self-appreciation and focusing on myself.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on January 19, 2018

I am also a firm believer in self-development and day by day I also try to achieve one thing before going to bed. This may seem daunting but it is a productive habit. New skills and knowledge could come in handy when facing challenges you may encounter as you learn how improving yourself works. There are several techniques you could incorporate in your day to day routine to that will help you attain a better version of yourself. Some of straightforward ways include:

  • Be unique
    You could avoid being typical. From time to time try doing something different from the majority; this will make you stand out among the others. Being unique gives you a higher chance to improve on your development
  • Set goals
    Ensure you have both short term and long term goals. Goals will help you monitor your progress. They will also enable you to work on schedule and from time to time you could gain motivation by analyzing your performance track record.
  • Embrace competition
    Competition is healthy and through it you could gauge yourself. Associating with your competitors especially those better than you will pose a challenge for you. This will act as a test where you can incorporate previous skills or pick your brain for new strategies you can employ. You could also learn from you competitors by looking how different they do some things from you.
  • Be persistent. Do not let your goal be wavered; always know what you want and strive to achieve it. You may not be able to achieve all your goals but you will make a positive impact in your life. Dedication is the key to any kind of success.
  • Network with others
    Reach out to other people in your circle. They could be peers or even your superiors. Through discussing with them or even asking questions you will not only learn but also build a relationship that could be beneficial in the near future.
  • Manage your time. Since time is money you should use it wisely. The best thing to do is work as per your schedule. Set a time frame for all your activities and meet the deadline of each task. Avoid wasting time with anything unproductive unless it is in your free time.
  • Take a break. From time to time take some time off to relax. Relaxing will help you reboot, explore and focus on you. Taking time away from your daily routine will give you time to refresh.

Olive Wilsona year ago

I agree that finding ways of reinventing yourself each day can be easy as long as you employ simple tactics. As a high achiever I have employed various strategies that have helped me fundamentally improve my life. I have employed most of the above-mentioned techniques and also recommend that by the end of each day you briefly highlight your idea in a notebook to help you come up with resolutions. Also try to be original and authentic. Do not imitate the ideas of others, be creative and come up with new ideas that are yours. Take a leap of faith, employ your new idea and wait for reviews from your peers. It could exceed your expectations and turn out highly productive. Avoid distractions; when you are set to working avoid things that will let you lose focus on your goal. Ensure the process of bettering yourself has the utmost priority before anything else.

Charles McAleara year ago

Great techniques! These tips can help you on how to improve yourself. I would, however, wish to bring a different perspective to the discussion. Do not be so into bettering yourself that you forget what makes you who you are: your acquaintances, friends, and buddies. Involve yourself with the right company. If it’s at work, make friends with colleagues that challenge you, workmates who are self-motivated, and guys you admire. We should not underestimate positive peer pressure; friends can change our ways easier and quicker than a mentor. Walk with the right kind of people, and you will experience self-improvement.

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