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Which are the best places to study abroad?

I am a parent of a son who has recently completed his final high school year. He wants to pursue a bachelor’s degree in law at a foreign university. I am looking for advice regarding the best places to study abroad so that I can be able to guide him properly when it comes to the right law colleges. On the other hand, I will appreciate a lot if anyone can assist my son to understand how to study abroad. Finally, I will be so glad if someone with experience on how to choose universities can help me to understand how to select and apply for top universities in UK.


Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on July 26, 2018

In order to choose the best place to study abroad, you will need to consider a number of factors which should at least include your family’s financial status and the type of law degree offered in the country your son intends to study. In most cases, tuition and accommodation fees differ from country to country. You will find that in some countries, the cost of studying is too high. At the same, legal and paralegal studies are based on a country’s constitution or governing rules and it will be of no meaning to pursue such studies if they will not help your son secure a job or practice law privately in your home country.

In some countries, it is possible to study international law which will be the most useful when looking for employment avenues in international courts. You can be able to study on a budget. Luckily, some of the best study abroad places charge very little tuition fees. In some cases, you may even pay no fees if you choose to apply for scholarships, fellowships, bursaries and other student aids. An emerging trend in higher learning is the use of distance learning programs whereby students apply to study on the internet away from school premises. Such approach to learning will enable a learner to earn his or her bachelor’s degree while at the same being able to work part-time as well as to have enough time to spend with the family.

To help you get started, check the universities that I have listed below. They are situated in countries that are economically strong, politically stable and education-oriented. Most importantly, for those students who wish to explore other cultures, artistic structures, historic scenes, insane night parties, wonderful landscapes and varieties of technological developments, these places are the most ideal for you. They include:

  • Bond University(Gold Coast)
  • University of Granada (Granada)
  • Fudan University(Shanghai)
  • Keio University(Tokyo)
  • American college Dublin-Dublin, Ireland
  • Semester at Sea
  • University of Belgrano-Sol Education Abroad, Argentina
  • New York University-Berlin, Germany
  • University of Cape Town-South Africa

When selecting top UK universities for your son, ensure that you sit down with him and get to know the kind of lifestyles and cities he loves. Discuss with him the variation in the cost of living in different cities. After evaluating the various pros and cons each city presents, select at least three colleges and then send your applications.

After receiving an admission letter, the most important thing for your son will be to understand how to study while abroad. It is good for him to understand how to balance his time between studies and out-class activities. The United Kingdom has so many opportunities that a foreign student should take advantage of. This includes working part-time and participating in sports and community-building tasks.

Caroline Campbell2 years ago

I fully agree with the information in the above answer concerning the best places to study abroad as well as how to study in a foreign country. In this era, technology has made everything attainable. If you wish to study at the university far away from your home, it is possible to do so through a number of ways. You can choose to apply and study online for your dream career or you may decide to attend part-time classes during holidays or evening hours. I believe that with everything availed to us by the internet, we should never ever settle for low standard education. You simply need to dedicate your time to carry out an in-depth research on different learning opportunities. You should ensure that the country in which you’re going to live and study is truly the one you love and admire.

Above all, it is important to make sure that what you are going to learn in another country will be useful to your future career prospects. 

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