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Which are the best online teaching platforms that can be accessed for free?

I am specifically looking for information regarding the best online teaching platforms that provide PhD distance learning courses. I want to know the associated enrollment costs and fees to be paid for getting enrolled in the distance education courses offered by each of these online platforms. I have already done some exploration by searching for information on Google but any kind of firsthand knowledge would be appreciated. Please remember that I would highly prefer the free online learning websites and am not keen on paying any money for the courses.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on February 8, 2018

There are so many options available for the internet based teaching and learning platforms which provide distance learning courses in the levels of Master or PhD. But before making any decisions, you should properly evaluate and compare to select the most suitable online teaching domain which would exactly match your requirements. If you ask for recommendations, I would like to refer WizIQ from my personal satisfactory experience of using it. It is one of the best internet based tutorial platforms functioning presently. I would particularly recommend it to users because of the easy to use features of the website and the wide range of courses and contents that it offers. I can also suggest you use another online learning website, NewRow. I would summarize the key features provided by WizIQ and NewRow to help you make a proper selection.

First of all, a person needs to have almost 0 technical skills to use the online platform of WizIQ. If you have only the basic knowledge of operating computer, that would be sufficient for you and since you are looking for PhD level learning courses, therefore I presume that you have more than basic knowledge of computers and the internet. The user interface of the website is completely self-explanatory with all the features including software, plugins and extensions built in the web platform itself.  Also the virtual classroom software of WizIQ is highly advanced with built-in whiteboards and code editors which facilitate the trainers in teaching online platforms through the use of various languages. The platform also supports the organization of online conferences and webinars through the use of the virtual classroom software in the platform. In addition to these, WizIQ also facilitates enhanced audio video conferencing and online and offline payment system. Additional features like reports and analytics, mobile learning techniques, live polling, etc. make the website all the more attractive and useful. A stark feature of both WizIQ and NewRow is that these online learning platforms can be easily integrated with ancillary online learning modules such as WordPress, model, Joomla, etc. The NewRow is a browser-based online conferencing and learning platform which has been specifically designed for facilitating online teaching. All the above-mentioned features of WizIQ are also present in this platform. The only difference between these two online learning websites is that there are a lot more distance education courses offered in various domains by WizIQ as compared to NewRow. I should mention that both these websites provide High School to PhD level distance learning facilities.

Olive Wilsona year ago

Great question!! Firstly, in the process of choosing distance education courses, you should consider matching your requirements with those offered by the learning platforms because, with so many options to choose from, there is a high chance of one ending up choosing a platform which looks attractive but does not meet his/her actual needs !! Another thing is to identify whether you need the online learning platform to act as a marketplace or a non-marketplace. By this, I mean that if you use an online learning course based website, then you would be able to publish your own online courses on the marketplace while if you are opting for a non-marketplace based learning platform, then you will only be able to access online teaching. I would suggest Skillshare and Udemy as the marketplace learning platforms and Thinkific as a non-marketplace based learning platform. I hope this helps!

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