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Which are the best free online computer courses?

Are there credible IT online colleges that offer free online computer courses? How do they operate and what enrollment requirements do they have? Do the IT online courses have a certificate of completion after I study and will this certificate be valid as I advance in my career? What are these free online computer courses with certificate in IT online colleges? Do they have a time limit for enrollment or can I apply and study at any time of the year? Will I have someone I can talk to in case I am stuck with an issue as I undertake my free online computer courses, or, will I simply rely on details fed into a machine throughout the course?

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on April 2, 2018

A person who is new in computer programming, as well as a person who wants to get more advanced in his knowledge in computer science, has no reason to stagnate in their career just because they cannot afford to pay the fees to study in IT online college. This is because there are a lot of online computer courses for free that one can undertake at any time of the year. To make it easier for the people seeking to study these courses, the courses are normally grouped into beginner courses, intermediate, and also advanced free online computer course with certificate. Below are some of these courses that you can choose to study at your free time:

  • Introduction to python interactive programming: this is a course that is mainly focused on people who have no or have very little knowledge in a computer that uses a simple language to make the person studying it fully understand what computer is all about. The course takes four weeks to complete.
  • Fundamentals of programming: this is an online IT course offered by selected institutes to those who want to learn the basics of writing a computer program. The lesson is subdivided into seven parts and by the end of it; you will learn the concepts and the functionality of a computer program.
  • HTML5 introduction: this is tailored for those who want to learn how to make, design and how to manage that website page after creating it. The course takes three weeks, and by the end of this duration, you will have a valid certificate in computer studies from a simple yet unpaid online computer course.
  • Machine learning: this is an online IT course that is tailored for those who are knowledgeable in computer and wants to learn more. This program is about learning how to get a computer to function without complicated programming. You will be taught the techniques that are most effective in machine learning and practically implement these techniques.
  • Essentials in software engineering; a person undertaking this course gets to learn the basics of software engineering and know how UML modeling is applied. You will also be taught the techniques used to develop complicated software systems. This course takes an average of eight weeks.
  • Basics of Cybersecurity: a person who is knowledgeable in the field of Cybersecurity is in high demand in this era where the lives of many are dependent on the Internet. This course is therefore very marketable as the need for these experts is growing every day.

Tad Frazier2 years ago

Nobody has a reason to remain ignorant of computer knowledge when so many free online computer courses are available. The only requirement is to have a computer and an Internet connection, and you will learn these amazing courses. The youth in college, as well as those who would like to have a side hustle in computer knowledge, or this is their dream career should take advantage of this offer and take the hundreds of IT online courses without paying a penny.

I do not seem to fulfill all the demands of my clients. There is always a person who is in need of assistance with one computer issue or the other, and you will therefore never lack something to put on your table with such knowledge. You can also choose to learn these unpaid computer studies with certificates to stop being over-reliant on the computer experts who charge exorbitant prices to repair a minor issue in your laptop.

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