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Which are the best elementary schools in USA that I can take my child to?

I want my child to have the best education, and this has to begin at the elementary school level. Any information about the best elementary schools in USA will help me to come up with a decision on which school to take my child. National school rankings are some of the best sources of information that I have used to identify some schools.        

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on March 12, 2018

Despite assertions that America does not have a good education system, our country has thousands of good elementary schools. This can be seen in the national school rankings, produced by stakeholders in the education industry. Well, some of the best elementary schools in USA possess a number of characteristics. When you compare elementary schools, you will find that the best have skilled and experienced teachers, and they are managed by good administrators.

Moreover, these schools have a good partnership with parents, since, family members play a role in ensuring the academic success of a student. So, which are good elementary school rankings by state?                             

Mason-Rice Elementary (MRE) is one of the schools you can consider taking your child to. This is in case you want to relocate to Massachusetts. The state of Massachusetts began to reform its education system in the 1990s, and the intention was to bring up students who were highly educated and achieved good results in the test scores. At Mason-Rice Elementary school, third to fifth graders produced the best scores in the entire state.  Moreover, students at the school normally produce perfect scores in reading and mathematics. This is one of the factors that make the school achieve a high position at school rankings at the national level. When comparing elementary schools, you will find that MRE has some of the best facilities and learning resources that contributes to the high test scores achieved by their students.       

Bay Head elementary school is another top performing elementary school in America. If you want your child to acquire cognitive and physical skills, then take him to Bay Head School. This is a school that encourages physical and academic education. On this basis, your child is likely to get acquire life skills when you take him to Bay Head elementary school. For instance, the school gives students an opportunity to play a variety of sports, such as tennis, basketball, soccer, etc. This enables a child to nature his talents, as well as perform well in academic learning.  

Frost elementary is another school you can take your child to. This is a school found in Maryland, and it offers much more than academic learning. Most state elementary school rankings do not consider extra-curriculum activities when identifying top performing schools. However, Frost Elementary ensures that it produces an all rounded student: this is a student who is good in both academics and extra-curriculum activities. This is one of the reasons it is considered as one of the best elementary school in USA.            

Note that, you can find other schools when you research on the internet. For now, the identified are some of my best options.


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