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Which approach can I use to find the best universities in England?

I am a college student and in four months time, I will be completing my undergraduate program in nursing. For a very long time I have wanted to study in one of the top British universities. As a result, I need guidance on the approach that I can use to find the best universities in England. In addition, I wish to know a UK college with the best and most affordable city life. Finally, I will appreciate a lot if anyone can enlighten me on the importance of studying abroad in London when compared to learning in other cities in England.

Dana Keller

in Study Abroad

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on July 30, 2018

In today’s world, academic certificates matter a lot in life. Students from every corner of the globe are working day and night to ensure that they complete college and start working. However, finishing college means very little when you earn your diploma or degree from the unrecognized institution. Thus, after high school, it is important that students dedicate enough time and effort to finding the best college that will equip them with the essential skills to function in the current globalized world. It is good that after your studies, your academic qualifications should enable you to work anywhere you wish to live. At the moment, most students prefer to study in the United Kingdom because of the reputation its colleges and universities receive around the world. However, not every higher learning institution based in the UK is world-class.

In order to find the best university in England, you will need to get reviews from different college ranking and rating institutions. Online review organizations such as the Times Higher Education, Financial Times, The Guardian, Reputation Telegraph, Sunday Times and US News use the most recent data to rank colleges around the world. The ranking criteria are mainly based on student satisfaction, entry standards, students destinations, research quality, strength in individual subjects, academic services, facilities expenditure per student and ratios of 2:1s and Firsts. Every year, different education review companies rank universities basing on all or part of all the above-mentioned parameters. For instance, in 2013, the top universities on the basis of national reputation were Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, Imperial and UCL whereas the rankings in terms of employable graduates in business and engineering comprised Oxford, Cambridge, King’s College London, St. Andrews and LSE. Studying the performance of a college for a period of three to five years will give you the best overview of how good it is in specific areas.

Life in the UK is very expensive. However, the cost of living differs from city to city. The University of Manchester, NCUK, Manchester Metropolitan University, Coventry University and the University of Warwick are some of the UK colleges that are situated in cities with the most exciting and affordable city life. The cities are metropolitan areas and have a lot of wonderful histories that are accompanied by openness to sports and modernity. In addition, over 40% of students in such cities come from other countries.

Abroad studies in London have their benefits and limitations. The cost of housing and food is extremely high when compared to cities such as Nottingham, Birmingham, and Glasgow. On the other hand, London is the most developed urban area in the United Kingdom and as such it offers diverse varieties of cultures and learning opportunities to international students. Moreover, the city has numerous job opportunities for graduates when compared to other regions across England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

Karen Wright2 years ago

I fully agree with the above answer regarding the best universities in England and advantage of pursuing studies in the City of London. The answer is highly informative and offers the basic overview of how college ranking should be undertaken at both national and international levels.
There are three national ranking of tertiary institutions in England and its neighboring countries. The main aim of ranking and grading universities is to inform potential applicants about study opportunities in the UK and other parts of the world.

Different ranking companies use different ranking criteria. As a result, it is always advisable to check different ranking websites so that you will be able to make a proper decision regarding which school is the most appropriate for your specific field of study. Personally, I prefer evaluating my school of choice basing on the ‘the value-added’ aspect, student prospects, research intensity, entry standards, good honors and research assessment. Colleges that rank high in these factors are the ones I prefer to attend.

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