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Which adult education programs are available in pharmacy?

I am interested in pursuing my studies in pharmacy. Which adult education programs are there to help me study? I am specifically interested in a pharmacy continuing education since it is the field I want to specialize in. What are the opportunities available for me to get further education in this field? I want a course that will guarantee me an adult education certificate, which I can use for any further academic pursuits I opt for. Please assist me in this matter, since I would like to begin my studies very soon.

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

Justin Parker on July 31, 2018

There are numerous institutions that offer continuing education pharmacy courses. The courses are particularly important today since most pharmacy boards require practitioners to participate in continuing education. This is understandable because it is one of the areas in which a professional must constantly be updated on any new developments. Most of the courses are available online, so you can get them by simply browsing. Here are the few that I have picked out for you, which you can consider.

Texas Pharmacy. This site provides programs on adult education for learners wishing to have continuing education. They specialize in pharmacy, with courses supported by the University of Texas and offered through the Austin College of Pharmacy. The program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education to offer the continuing education courses. The Home Study courses they offer can be highly beneficial to someone like you. The fact that you take the program from home, at your own pace, is something you will find encouraging. They offer the requisite exams to help you get a certificate. It is definitely a sight to check out.

Continuing Education. This site also has properly accredited pharmacy courses, in addition to many others. Their continuing education program is divided into several sections for pharmacy students. These include programs on HIV, General Medicine, Cancer Management, Infections, Respiratory Care and Modern Laboratory Series. This options will allow you to specialize in the area in which you are interested. You can as well pursue studies in multiple areas depending on your objectives. They also organize a number of webinars in which you can participate online. In such form, the latest developments in the field of pharmacy are discussed to keep you updated. It is another interesting site to check.

UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. This is another accredited pharmacy program site that offers you further educational opportunities. It has learning opportunities for both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. The programs are offered in partnership with area health education centers and the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists. Through the programs, students can get their adult education certificates in different specializations. Engaging in their courses will help you sharpen your skills, knowledge and field practices. You can also contact them for residency programs or seminars, which they regularly organize for those who are able to attend. You can easily attend these sessions online.

Cynthia Baker2 years ago

I do agree that it is important to have continuing education for pharmacy practitioners. Pharmacy is a rapidly changing field, so being up-to-date is of critical importance. Medicine, in general, is a science of continuous research, so there are new developments every day. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are aware of this critical need for continuous education. They thus try their best to ensure they make money out of desperate learners. Three websites given in this answer are all accredited, which makes them authentic. There are several others out there which are not properly accredited. I would, therefore, urge anyone who wishes to enlist with any sites, to check if they are accredited. That should be easy enough to do, by checking with the Accreditations Council for Pharmacy Education. It would be meaningless to throw your money away, only to end up with a useless, non-accredited continuing education certificate. 

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