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Where’s the best place for online university courses?

I am thinking of furthering my skills at distance learning colleges. I am busy and therefore cannot make time to enrol in a regular program like other students. My friend says they are doing continued education courses at McGraw Hill. I didn’t think this institution offers online university courses let alone continued education courses. If there are such programs at this institution, kindly tell me more about McGraw hill online learning center. Are there courses that I would be interested in at McGraw - professional courses that help me in career advancement.

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

1 answer

Jodi Brooks on February 26, 2018

The McGraw Hill Online educational Center offers a variety resources for instructors and students including colour PowerPoint slides, automated quiz questions and solutions. Also at the Online Learning Centre, are animated figures from the text books to assist the students in visualizing concepts. There is also a graphical calculator workshop where there is a TI calculator, net tutor and live tutoring service. For math students, there is extensive web references that offer explanatory exercises and web projects that are web related.

To enhance online university programs, McGraw Hill established McGraw Hill connect, an easy to use and highly reliable education management solution that has adaptive award - winning tools designed to improve the results of learning. When it comes to learning we are all unique and it would be very helpful if it could be possible for a student to meet others where they are located. It is user friendly and intuitive. This solution is where the science of learning meets the art of teaching.

Connect consists of tools that assist students in their studies in a more efficient fashion giving highlights of the topics one should focus on per chapter. It poses review questions to the student and provides more resources to enable the student to meet the objectives set in the beginning of the chapter. McGraw Hill’s connect ensures that your teacher saves their time and are able to focus less time grading and more time on teaching. Connect automatically grades quizzes and assignments providing the lecturer with reports that are easy to read so that it is easy to establish where individual student need guidance. These features make McGraw Hill to top the list of the many distant learning colleges.

Connect’s learning objectives make sure students engage themselves in what matters most as they read through different chapters. Reports provided by connect provide students with areas they need to improve on. Connect has an eBook which is easily accessible via students connect accounts. It provides students with special features enabling highlighting, note taking and having the text read to them.

McGraw hill online learning centre is one of the most essential investments that one can make as you pursue success in your course. With the strength of will, smartbook will offer you an adaptive learning experience and help guide your sessions of study putting you on a path tailored towards education success. Many student reviews are about how connect has made studying more efficient and easier while motivating them to comprehend and keep the acquired information.

Wilson Hansena year ago

I agree that connect has really complimented McGraw hill online learning center with its personalized features. The report feature lets you know your areas of weaknesses and strengths as a student and it brings with it a sense of ownership over one’s education. Connect also prompts students to master the contents of the course; students understand the main concepts in many ways rather than cramming and regurgitating. Moreover, it helps one study more in less time; It’s possible to get time for personal study even with five different classes. Every student is hungry for info but most need it delivered in a different fashion. Additionally, connects new feature presented students with a way for sharing feedback and prompting brilliant ideas and insight for students taking online courses. Lastly, connect’s features enable students who are slow learners to go back and go over concepts at pace suitable for them so that they understand everything.

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