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Where is the conference center for OCC GATE?

I don’t have information on the conference center of OCC GATE event that is coming on November 3. Can you help me with the location? Also, what is the address of the organization itself? Do you know its schedule? I don’t want to call or come after working hours or when they are in a meeting. I have a meeting planner myself, and clearly see that the mentioned conference is coming and I still haven’t booked tickets.

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

1 answer

Jeremy Wood on October 30, 2018

The conference will take place at California State University on November 3 as you’ve mentioned. The location is mentioned on the poster if you have it. If not, here’s the link to the OCC GATE website that mentions everything a visitor should know about the conference -  This is a page for the upcoming 2018 conference. In a nearby tab, you’ll also find the information on the last year’s event and can compare what is promised and how well it’ll go. Personally, I think that with each passing year, this annual event gathers more and more attention and attracts new people.

This is the 44th conference about gifted children that marks an upcoming anniversary that’s coming soon. Organizing any conference for this length of time is a hard task that is managed by the hosts perfectly. The conference’s center is the location of many educational events that often exceed the national levels and attract participants and guests from around the world. This time, the head speaker, the “headliner of the show,” is Brian Housand, Ph.D.

Also, I hope you’ve already registered for the conference and just happen to have bad memory on locations as the registration should be closed on October 26 if the tickets haven’t been sold out before. Otherwise, you’ll have to remember this location for next year and next opportunity. Such a meeting is a unique gathering of the kinds that unites parents, teachers, and counselors in one goal to make the lives of kids easier.

As for the OCC GATE office, I know that the organization has board meetings all over the state, one of the most important locations being Fullerton, Garden Grove, and other places. So, I cannot tell for sure what’s in its office, you’ll just have to take a look at the planned meetings and try to grab its attention at one of them. The website also doesn’t give phone numbers for you to call the administration. I suspect that you may find this information shared on education forums.

Though, it gives an important GATE program schedule that can be used to plan your state in details.

Eric Batesa year ago

I wonder whether it’ll truly be as great as the Conference of 2017. Last year, the bar was set high so, I hope, they manage to pull it off and create a gathering that would really dwell on the important issues instead of focusing on grabbing visitors’ money.

OCC GATE invites the best speakers and professionals of the sphere and works with many companies both receiving and providing help in everything that concerns gifted children. The organization also closely works with many parents that offer inside information and feedback on various schools and teaching approaches. In general, such cooperation with both sides on the issue brings positive results to the company’s work. That’s why its conference centers are always opened to people willing to contribute.

Leigh Manna year ago

I strongly believe that such conferences shouldn’t be approached in a hurry and you have to prepare for them beforehand. If you don’t know the conference center location, you’ve clearly done poor research. So, I’d advise leaving this one alone and preparing for next year.

Anyway, if the tickets are already purchased, there’s no choice. This conference will be a pleasurable event in any case, even just by watching it from afar. Also, I suggest asking for the contact number at the conference to make a call concerning a new meeting planner event with some of the organization’s administration.

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