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Where is the cheapest place to get homeschooled?

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Curtis Rhodes on January 27, 2018

You can get hoome schooled at home for free. all you need is the ability to pass the performance tests given in the public schools each year. the basics of reading, writing English, mathematics, science, geography, American history, world history, government(us and state). You can use books from the library, the school, the shops, even walmart,target. Many of the large metropolitan areas have homeschool bookstores or conventions in the summer months. Your child will also be allowed to participate in the local public school sports and programs for the achievement of evidence by the law. I in house of my daughter 6th-8th grade. Also look into homeschool clubs in your city or the nearby villages are great they have a plethera of people's education in the home, look in your local phonebook, ask around town and in the church, or place of work, you'll be surprised how many are doing it now. good luck. It can be done for $25-$500.

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