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Where is Sasquatch music festival held?

My friends say this is the best music festival. So I want to be this time. Now I am collecting more information on when to get there and how. What are the things I should especially remember for the camping there? In addition, it would be highly appreciated if you could give me some information on the Sasquatch lineup for this year. Finally, is it costly? I have heard different opinions on this. While some say the price of Sasquatch tickets and the food is not uncommon for a festival, some say the quality does not match the price. What do you think? Should I go with some sandwiches instead?

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on May 16, 2018

If you are a real music lover, this is the place for you. Sasquatch music event is the best in terms of the quality and variety of performances. However, if you are a person who gives more importance to things like comfort, cleanliness, cost and so on, you are more likely to find the place akin to disgusting.  I can assure you one thing: Sasquatch list of performances is always thrilling, giving equal attention to a wide variety of genres, ranging from Indie rock, underground hip-hop, alternative rock, electronic, experimental rock, and singer-songwriter. In addition, the Gorge amphitheater itself is sufficiently rejuvenating with the view of Columbia River.

Now, talking about food the reality is that you would not get a thing under $9. Yes, a can of beer can cost you about $11 and quality is not guaranteed. So sandwiches will be a good idea. Now, regarding camping, there is a lot of rush. So it is important to get there early if you want to camp in the main campground. However, the problem with camping is that portapotties can go pretty messy as time passes, and by the last day of the event, it is common if you can’t get enough toilet paper. A better idea is to go to the overflow camp where things are much cleaner and location is much closer to the venue. Remember, nights are pretty frigid there, so carry enough things to avoid being cold.   

Well, let’s talk about a Sasquatch ticket now. According to the event website, you have a variety of options available. If your intention is to attend a particular performance or a few in a single day, you can go for a single day ticket at $129. And if you are a group of four, you can avail a 4-pack single day ticket at $387. If you are planning to enjoy the festival fully, your three-day pass will cost $325 for a single person and for a group of four, it will be $899. To book your tickets, you can visit

The cost is worth it! Favorite bands, favorite music, single location, scenic beauty of the Gorge. The countdown has started, very few days are remaining. Get set, get drenched in your favorite music. 

Jeffrey Rodriguez2 years ago

I have been to Sasquatch music festival twice, in 2016 and 2017. And frankly speaking, I loved it a lot. The first reason, I would say, is the location. The Gorge itself is simply awesome, like a great piece of art. The second reason is the effective organization. Camping was comfortable, with enough space, clean portapotties, affordable food, and comfortable view of the stages. However, I am not sure if there were the case in general tickets because I had a premium ticket. What bothered me was that a few performances were canceled due to the wind, and those were the ones I was eagerly waiting for. In addition, unexplained variations in performance timings made it difficult for me to plan my program in advance. Despite this disadvantage, I really loved the event. There was good music, friendly atmosphere, security, and average food, and I think this is what you can expect from such an event. Overall, it was a nice experience. 

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