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Where do you find out answers for worksheets?

Annie Barnes

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Craig Stewart on January 31, 2018

Reading the book you gave him to read, the pages that go with the worksheet, and to listen to the teacher. I often gave answers to worksheets in my lessons so if a student was not listening don't listen to the answers. Finally, I THINK. A teacher gives you a worksheet to see if you know and understand what he/she taught you. They are not busy work ( at least in my room were not), When I had a student missing too many things in a I called again on him, helped them with one or tow answers, and told them to do it. I often had students go from an "F" grade to an "A" in this way. To see if the teacher is going to do that or ask him/her about the worksheet before you take it home or in class. . Well, who wrote that? So, you have to search the work sheet of the company or whatever in google or any search engine that you trust. Then restrict the search results the title of the worksheet, as well. The masters of the greater part of their answers from out-of-line, anyway, so it would be even easier if there is a website name at the bottom of the worksheet. But a lot of times, there isn't, for the smart people (as such) that they know they can get the answers out of line. Usually, if there is a site with a spreadsheet, usually teacher-based web sites, there is an answer key online for him, too. In order to search a lot, and usually is.

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