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Where can you learn to count in Greek?

Kathy Robinson

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on November 24, 2019

The most reliable source is a Greek School:) I'm going to one... Here is how to count in Greek (I'm using English letters, not Greek, though). Ena (pronounced Eh-naw) is 1, theo (ti-oh) is 2, treya (tree-yah) is 3, tesera (tes-eh-raw) is 4, pende (pen-deh) is 5, exi (ex-ee) 6, efta (ef-tah) is 7, ohto (oh-hhh-toe) is 8, enaia (is-neigh-ya) is 9, theka (theh-kah) is 10. It was really difficult to translate into English the lyrics. I used to go to Greek school, but I left because I hated it. The Greek is difficult to learn, but I am a natural (not to brag) and I'm only 11 years old.

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