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Where can you find free software for translation from Gujarati to English?

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

1 answer

Annie Barnes on March 9, 2018

To find this type of specialized software is unlikely. But just as you came here to ask your question, the answer probably also is on the internet! There are many free sites that translate from any language to any other included language. Like English to Russian, Arabic or English. I suggest you use your internet search engine and type in "translation English Gujarati." If there is any software available for sale in an internet shop, this should find it. Also, you can display the web sites with the translation of the pages that are included in Gujarati. I don't remember ever seeing a translator that included Gujarati. But for a lot of people speak that language, the translation of the page somewhere should offer! (Maybe you could check a website of Gujarat or one of its major cities. It can be a tool of translation there). Good luck!

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