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Where can you find Berlin Lollapalooza tickets?

Lollapalooza Berlin will start in about a month and it’s high time to buy tickets to the event. I’d like to know where you usually buy Lollapalooza tickets except for the official website. As far as I remember, Lollapalooza dates are 8 and 9 of September, right?
I’ve never been to the Berlin version of the fest and would like to have a Lollapalooza map of some kind. Is it available?

Mindee Nelson

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1 answer

1 answer

Daniel King on August 3, 2018

Yes, you are right. The dates of Lollapalooza are September 8&9. So, you have plenty of time for the regular tickets. Unfortunately, the early bird ones are already sold out. But don’t worry, a regular 2-day pass is only €10 more expensive. Now, it costs €139. There is also a next level option for €149. However, the difference between them is unclear to me.

There are also VIP tickets to Lollapalooza. They provide you with such benefits as a separate entrance, a pass to the after show party, VIP area and chill out zones, Wi-Fi, exclusive food and beverages, and so on. All these amenities are combined to create a perfect festival for the guests. There are also Lolla experience options that are better than the general admission but include fewer perks that the VIP ones. Thus, they cost €229 while the latter are €289. In addition, if you buy the regular ones now but decide you want something more, you can upgrade them later.

If you are going with a kid under 15 y.o., you’ll have to buy them a Kind or Junior ticket. The official website doesn’t have any left already, so you’ll to search the resale agencies. There are certain rules about children passes to Lollapalooza and certain papers to bring. To know the full information, check this page:  

As for a place to buy tickets for the Berlin Lollapalooza festival, there are several websites that openly work with the sponsors. The official websites include such options as Ticket mater, Festival travel, TixforGigs, and so on. All of them are the official Lollapalooza partners and have 100% authentic tickets. There are several resale agencies that buy tickets the regular but resale then later for a higher price. Be careful with such options and check them. I strongly recommend not paying attention to private sellers with only a couple of tickets.

As for a map of Lollapalooza, it’s given at the official website right here: Enjoy your stay and never get lost.

Emily Alexandera year ago

If a person’s never been to Lollapalooza Berlin, they better have this checklist:  that will help to organize the trip. Have all guests already booked a room anywhere nearby? Hurry up before the prices go up. Do you plan on renting a car? It may also be troublesome considering the number of tourists present in Berlin at this time.

Also, there’s an FAQ page that includes all kind of questions a new visitor may ask. Here’s the link  There are three categories that include getting there, tickets, festival, and general questions. So, it covers all aspects. If a person still has unanswered issues, they can always ask the support team for help.

However, if it’s not the first at the Lollapalooza festival in general, there’s nothing to worry about as all fests of this “family” have the same rules.

Larry Warrena year ago

Why are Lollapalooza dates so short? The American version of the fest lasts for four or five days. Why is this one shorter? I doubt that a European music festival gathers fewer people. What’s the matter?

I would buy only the official tickets if I were going there this year. During the last festival, I heard many sad stories about people buying fake tickets. So, now, I’m worried that any ticket for any concert I buy is going to be fake. How do you check the resale Lollapalooza tickets? There’s never a guarantee.

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