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Where can you find a good accredited school online to get a high school diploma?

Ralph Lopez

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1 answer

Eric Morgan on August 26, 2018

Absolutely, the most important thing to remember is that whatever high school you choose - it is the case of the "in-line" type," or "in-classroom" type -- must be accredited by a of the six big "regional" accreditors approved by the Department of Education (USDE). Seriously, nothing will. Oh, sure, there is no such thing as USDE-approved "national" accreditation; and don't get me wrong: that's good accreditation. However, there is a decided pro-"regional" and against"national" accreditation bias among employers, colleges, armed forces, etc, when it comes to high school diplomas. "National" accreditation may be valuable, together with the "regional" accreditation, at the university; but when it comes to a high school diploma, only one came from a "regional" accredited high school will do. Settle for nothing less! I don't think that anything to the contrary that anyone tells you. Once you understand everything I've just written, and that buy-in, and operate accordingly, you cannot make a mistake in selecting an online high school... ...except with respect to its price, for what it is. In some secondary schools are incredibly expensive. It is ridiculous! Shame on them. The majority, however, with gratitude, at a reasonable price. Some of them are even free if you meet certain conditions. Find virtually any "regional" accredited online high school that has a reasonable price, and you can't go wrong. There is a very bright (and nice... I've communicated with him) fellow out there named Tom Nixon who has written the two definitive books on obtaining an online high school education; and has also built an excellent companion website offers a complete list of the best high schools in there. I've put a link in the "sources and related links" section of this web page, below. However, be warned that Tom includes, on his list, a couple of online high school programs that are excellent in terms of quality, but that may not necessarily be directly "regional" accredited. Some of them are approved by "regional" accredited high schools or universities, but that is not the same. The school and its program, in and of itself, should be "regional" accredited. So, then, even if you use Tom's list, double-check any school you select and verify, independently, that it's "regional" accredited. And by "independently" I simply mean to never trust what any online high school claims on its web site. The diploma mills will all lie, so until you know, to make sure that any school is not a diploma mill, you can't trust a thing you put in your web page. Therefore, always figure in which the state of the online high school is physically located; then figure out which of the six big "regional" accreditors covers that state; then go to said "regional" accreditors web site and find the online high school in question and verify that it really is "regional" accredited. Once you do, then, at that point, you really can believe everything in your web site. But it is not until! Please, check the accreditation of any online high school... even the ones listed on Tom Nixon's website. Don't get me wrong, he was never going to fool you. The problem is that is not as stiff as I am when it comes to insisting that one should never enroll in any online high school that is not, in itself, directly "regional" accredited. Period. So, always, always, always verify! Please see the "sources and related links" section, below, for a link to Tom Nixon's best online high schools website. Definitely going to be able to find something there (and, no, I don't have anything to do with your site; I just know of him, and that is good, so I usually recommend it).

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