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Where can you find a free online translator that can translate English into most European languages?

Karen Wright

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1 answer

Kristi Hammond on April 7, 2018

First opinion Try to worldlingo in the link below ! It has most European languages plus Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. Second opinion I recommend you try Google Languageols. You can find the link on the main page, to the right of the page. It can translate entire pages (by entering the URL) and can be translated to some Asian languages, such as korea. Third opinion, There are setbacks in line with the translations ! They are made purely word-for-word, very often the context is wrong, or the wrong sense of the words used ! Not to put too much faith in the results, you could be very disappointed. Bing translator is by far the best and makes the most of the languages, in my experience, has better results than yahoo and google.

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