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Where can I pursue my online associates degree?

I am really interested in beginning studies for my online associates degree. I have completed my high school studies, but I may not have time to be a full-time college student. So I would like to pursue the rest of my studies online. Which online university degrees are available for me? I wish to complete my studies as soon as possible. So I need information on where I can get fast online degrees which don’t drag on for too long. I need to know quickly since I must start studying soon.

Carlton Burgess

in Online Courses

1 answer

1 answer

Aaron Lee on May 4, 2018

You can start your studies for an associate degree online as soon as you are ready. You sound like you are rearing to go, so there is no more time to waste. Remember an associate degree is the common basic qualification required, for most fairly well-paying jobs in the US. You can thus easily get employment in the field you are interested in. The courses usually take two years to complete, though you can even finish sooner when you take them online. Here are the options you can choose from.

  1. University of Phoenix. This is an accredited university that offers many courses online. Among those courses are associate degree programs from which you can choose one. The courses are offered in different fields such as business, healthcare, nursing, technology, education, criminal justice, human services, communications, and sciences. You can also get your online university degree from here if you are interested. Phoenix is a fully fledged university.
  2. East Mississippi Community College. The college has well established online associate degree programs. The programs are fully accredited and are relatively affordable. The courses are offered under the divisions of humanities and fine arts; mathematics and science; or social science and business. The advantage of studying here is that their associate degrees are widely recognized. That will give you a relatively easy time if your intention is to get a job afterward.
  3.  Western Wyoming Community College. This is another well-accredited college. Here you can get your associate degree in criminal justice, social science, business and computer information systems. Their courses are also widely recognized. Since you need to get your online degree fast, you will have to put in some effort. If you work diligently, you will get your degree within two years. The institution will offer you all the support you need, and leave the rest entirely to you.
  4. Allen County Community College. This college is accredited and offers complete online courses. It has one of the largest varieties of such courses with over 40 subject areas offered. This makes it the best stop for most students who are interested in choosing from a wide variety of options. The online studies are so well established. They are supported by video podcasts, live streaming, interactive networks and web conferencing. This makes the learning experience very exciting, owing to the wide variety of resources. It is definitely worth checking.

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

It is very convenient these days to study for your associate degree online. This kind of study does not involve the hassle of moving to and from college every single day. There are also resources online, such as virtual libraries, which support the learning process. Even the financial aid that regular students get, is readily available to support these online programs. The number of students getting associate degrees is increasing, thanks to this increased online accessibility. Of the choices given, I will vouch for the University of Phoenix and Allen College. I have personally attended online conferences offered by these two institutions, and I thought they were very well organized. I suppose this is the same seriousness with which they approach their online learning programs. I don’t know much about the other two institutions, but if they are as good as these two, then they must be great as well. 

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