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Where can I pursue an online biology degree?

I am interested in pursuing an online biology degree. I understand there are many colleges that offer online degree programs, but I don’t know how to choose one. I also want to identify a college I can also go for an online music degree. Those are my two main areas and want to have some important information that may help me make the right decision. Is it really advisable to pursue such degrees online? What are some of the challenges I may face while studying at home? Do the benefits of this learning method outweigh the costs? Response from someone who has knowledge of online college degrees will be highly appreciated.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Derrick Little on March 13, 2018

When I completed my high school education, I enrolled in an online class and used the certificates to apply for a job. Since then, I have done various programs that have enabled me to get promotions and pay rise in my workplace. Whereas it is much easier to pursue most degrees online, getting online biology degrees and others in the science sector is quite tricky due to the lab requirement. Many hours are spent in the lab, and it is only possible if one has the required equipment.

Due to the enormous requirements of this course, it is almost impossible to pursue it online. Online learning provides one with an access to a lot of learning resources. The resources are cheap not only cosidering the price but also the process of using them.  Students, therefore, find it easy to look for the relevant information. However, when it comes to biology, there is need to carry out various experiments hence the course is challenging to pursue at home.

Although in some cases it would be possible to access online degrees such as biology, it would be difficult to get hired. Online graduates may have a lot of theoretical knowledge due to the numerous resources they have access to. However, their lack of lab experience may hinder their chances of getting employed. As a result, all the time and resources when pursuing such an online college degree may go down the drain.

Many students are determined to enroll in online music degrees. However, this is another example of a degree that is difficult to do online. Think of learning different techniques. How can one learn these techniques without first listening to it? What about instrumental courses? How can you learn to use the various musical instruments online? The rigorous training common in many musical courses makes it almost impossible to pursue such degrees online. Even if you want to be a music teacher, teaching demands that you attend a class. Online classes are, therefore, not an option.

Although there are various technological innovations to enhance online learning, pursuing some courses online is becoming almost impossible. However, numerous vital improvements have been made to make learning some things in the absence of human support possible. Computers now have a good audio system to enable music scholars to listen to their work and identify the areas they need to work on.

Noel Byrd2 years ago

Many learning institutions and scholars are determined to make online classes for almost all subjects. Although there has been an increased interest to make online biology degree and other online degrees a reality, various factors have hindered this progress. The practical part of most of these subjects has made it difficult for them to be offered online. Besides, even if one had to acquire such a degree online, it would be difficult to secure a job as no one would be ready to hire people they are unsure about their skills. However, it is important to note most of the theoretical areas can be learned online. Although there are many schools that claim to provide these online courses, I would ask you to consider joining a nearby college. I think efforts to pursue some of these courses online as a waste of time and resources. It would really be difficult to secure a job or earn a promotion after pursuing biological or musical degrees online.

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