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Where can I learn English grammar online?

I can read and write fairly well in English. However, I struggle when writing or interpreting complex material at college. It happens because I have started learning English very late in life and have not used it for communication as a child. I recently took a grammar exam on a random site I found online and got an average score result. I am really searching for assistance on where I can learn English grammar online. I am also looking for a recommendation of a good English grammar test online free of charge. Thank you.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on March 19, 2018

The following websites are the best places you can learn English-grammar online.

English Grammar 101: this site offers grammar lessons with modules covering all areas of the English grammar. Each module consists of a pretest, lessons on different sub-sections, a review, and a posttest. These lessons are divided in a way that ensures you only take a few minutes to go through each. Most of the lessons are free.

British Council: The British Council has a section of their site for grammar learning. They have simple grammar explanations, sentence examples and practice exercises for effective learning. Areas covered include nouns, pronouns, determinants, quantifiers, possessives, adjectives, verbs, adverbials, phrases, and clauses. The grammar rules here are simple to understand. You will make a great improvement if you use this resource.

FluentU: this site offers an interesting way of learning English online videos. The site collects videos on the Internet. You can also find simplified explanations and definitions of words you hear in the videos. This provides good referencing for words you find unfamiliar. Videos are a good way of improving your spoken English that is the hardest part to master.

Oxford’s course on English grammar: this site offers a wonderful platform to practice what you have already learned. It has several grammar practice exams to help you practice grammar rules you have learned. However, it’s not a very good resource to be used independently as it is built to supplement Oxford grammar books.

Grammarly handbook: this is more of a resource to help English speakers improve their grammar. If you have already gained a reasonable knowledge of grammar rules, you can use this resources for practice and reference to improve your writing skills.

5 minute English: it offers grammar lessons in various English areas. Each part has a short description of what you should expect to learn at the end of the lesson. However, you can choose what section you would like to learn on the right-hand side of the page. It may be grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, listening or idioms. It also provides answers to common questions in grammar and common mistakes people make.

You may try these free online English grammar tests:

FCE grammar tests by Exam English,

British Study Centres’ English grammar test,

English Grammar Online English tests and

A Real Me online grammar test.

Tad Frazier2 years ago

More websites that offer online English grammar learning:

Grammar bytes

This website offers a package of friendly and easy to understand lessons with interactive exercises. These exercises test what you have already learned and give the correct answers plus explanations. In short, it is just the whole package!

Daily Grammar

This website has hundreds of grammar lessons that will help you in sentence construction and speaking skills. They are organized in order so that you can cover one at a time and know your progress. However, you can always look up specific terms on the glossary list.

English Page

This website has some of the most extensive grammar practice tests I have found online. It requires you to give the accurate answer without any hint.

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