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Where can I get the best LSAT prep books?

I am planning to join law school next year. I have read so much about LSAT prep books online. However, it has become tough for me to identify the best one to read. Since I have never used one before, I have gone through various online reviews, and I can say relying on them is very tricky. Please, advise me on which one is the best one to use. Besides, I want someone to tell me about some of the best LSAT study books. Do I need to purchase exam books to be prepared entirely before sitting for any test? Your response will be highly appreciated.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on February 5, 2018

When it comes to choosing the best LSAT prep book, I can say I have had time to try various books. From my experience, I would recommend PowerScore Study Bibles. By visiting multiple websites like, you will get a chance to read reviews from other law students about the book. Although some people prefer to use Kaplan, from my experience, I feel they are not good enough. Other books you can rely on are Manhattan LR and RC and the LSAT Trainer. It is important to note that LSAT tests are sometimes easy or difficult. There is always a concrete reason behind choosing one correct over the other four wrong answers. However, when dealing with hard questions, it is quite challenging to identify which solutions to discern.

If you are preparing for tests, you need to identify the best LSAT study book to use. By relying on Powerscore LSAT Bibles, you get access to various LSAT Prep Tests. You should get as many as 15 or even more Prep Tests. You will need to do about 20 tests to be ready. Taking tests regularly is very important when preparing for these exams. When studying, identifying your weak areas is crucial as you should start with those areas.

Having an exam book is essential as it prepares to take your exams. However, many other factors play an important role in determining whether you will succeed in your exams or not. For those who prefer to buy books and study by themselves, self-discipline is vital. However, most people are unable to manage their time correctly and stick to their timetable. Those who attend classes have high chances of sticking to a given routine. Homework also helps in ensuring that one spends more time preparing for the exam. When studying on your own, you should allocate enough time and stick to your timetable to boost your chances of passing the tests. Your decision to buy books and study on your own or joining a class should depend on how you manage your time.

You can get LSAT books and other resources like prep guides and practice tests among others from online stores such as Amazon. You can decide to purchase new or used resources. Besides, you can rent these resources from some websites and book stores. If you have old books that you are not using, some sites allow trade in.

Brian Warnera year ago

Although PowerScore Study Bibles is one of the best LSAT prep books, I firmly believe that you should consider using various other books to ensure you are fully prepared for the test. Before sitting for the test, you need to make sure you are ready not to waste your money and time taking a test you are not ready for. I would recommend using another two or more extra books in your studies. Some texts such as Powerscore Logic Games Bible enhance your strategies, LSAT Prep tests books prepare you for the tests while others like LSAT Superprep give explanations. Furthermore, it is essential to develop a plan to ensure that you balance your time correctly. Before deciding on which books to use, it is advisable to go through online reviews and find out comments by other students about the book. By doing so, you are likely to make a better decision than someone who will just buy a book without going through reviews.

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