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Where can I get online language courses for my budget?

I wish to join an online learning community and start learning new languages; of course one at a time. My goal is to learn three foreign languages. Since I’m learning for self-development, I don’t plan to spend a lot on these lessons. Therefore, I’m looking for quality courses that are affordable. I also don’t wish to fall prey to learning programs that have hidden fees which I will be forced to pay later. Where can I get good online language courses? What are the benefits of online learning over real classes?

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on April 30, 2018

Online classes are real classes too. Though learning online is yet to meet the standards of traditional classes for some study fields, for others it has surpassed. Before I can give you suggestions on where you can get excellent language programs, let us briefly talk about the benefit of online learning:

  • You can choose whichever program you want: yes, you can also enjoy this freedom in a traditional university. However, if your preferred course is offered in a different city or state, you may need to travel to access it. However, studying online allows you to pursue any course you wish at home.
  • Self-paced studying: you get to choose how fast or how slow you want to study.
  • You get to choose your own study space: you can study comfortably from your own space as opposed to sitting in a classroom.
  • Cheaper than traditional classes: not only will you find dozens of free courses, but also free ones.

So here are some excellent suggestions platforms for language courses online:


FluentU has a free version and a paid version costs $18 a month. It is affordable and also worth the money. The method of instruction it employees is audio-visual media. You get to learn your chosen language by watching movie trailers, talks, news, music videos and so forth. Whatever level you are in learning, you can always find something for you at FluentU.


Duolingo is a free online language learning tool, popular among language enthusiasts. Created to look more like a learning game rather than a written course, Duolingo employs an exciting way of learning a new language in your free time. It allows you to connect on Facebook with friends and even family. Since it is a game, you can compete with other learners and earn points. With such a fascinating tool, learning a new language has never been easier.


Livemocha is a vast community of online learning. You can explore up to 38 new languages to learn. Here, you get to learn the language of your choice while interacting with native speakers. Therefore, you will be in a better position to learn correct pronunciation, accent, and intonation. However, don’t expect a computer program to assess you, the same native speakers will evaluate your understanding and rate it. Livemocha ranges from free to a cost of about $29 each month. Try the free version and see how it goes.

Jeffrey Rodriguez2 years ago

I completely agree with it. There are lots of benefits of online learning to explore. Telling you how much you will be gaining, let me mention some additional advantages of online studying:

  • No commuting to class: If your lesson is in the morning, you don’t need to worry about getting late because of traffic or the costs of bus fare. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a comfortable study room in your house.
  • Convenient and flexible: you can schedule your classes when you are free. Most online courses are a few minutes long. So, you can study during your lunch break at work. When your day is too tight, you can always move your class to another time.
  • Personalized learning: unlike traditional classes where in-personal interaction with the tutor is restricted, online learning gets you that personalized class so you can be free to seek clarification whenever you want.

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