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Where can I get online homework help for my child?

I am looking hw help for my son. I used to assist him when he was younger, but now my work has become too demanding, and I’m hardly home before dark. I still have study sessions with him on the weekends, but it’s difficult to find time during the week for homework. I don’t want a site that will just give him homework help answers. It should in the least have explanations and examples. Is there an online homework help site that is reliable and cheap?

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on March 21, 2018

Yes, there are plenty of websites that assist students with assignments. Some focus on students in a particular level of learning, for example, high school while others can accommodate students from elementary school right to college. I would recommend sites that offer help in all subjects so that he does not have to switch tools for each subject.

However, if he has problems in a specific area, for example, English, it is probably best to look for a site that specializes in teaching English grammar. This kind of website has a more specific approach to the topic (not just basics) and specialized tutors. is an online tutoring services company with thousands of expert tutors for hire. With this kind of popularity, it offers millions of online sessions with students who require any help in their studies. Their services include online tutoring, online help with homework and preparation for tests help. I would highly recommend this tool because, not only is it free to use, but also focuses on younger children from 7th grade going upwards. On top of getting assistance on subjects he is already doing in school, he can also learn foreign languages like French and Spanish. Students can also find review sheets for exam practice on any subject on the site.

Hippocampus is a free website offering free tutoring services and study help for children in all subject areas. It is designed for children up to high school levels. There are several tutorials for topics in every subject, with free practice quizzes to test yourself. With these vast resources, interpreting homework becomes easier for a child. is an online resource platform where students can rent study books and material for a fraction of the book’s price at the bookstore. Furthermore, homework help from qualified tutors available on the site. Other services include test preparation and information on scholarships and internships for college students. is suited for students from grade four up to 12th grade, students in college and professionals. It is one of the oldest players in the industry and has partnered with several academic institutions in the industry. is another great site for learning math, English, and science. This platform can be a great tool for your child to find help with homework answers. It combines games, quizzes, and mini-lessons in learning.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

I don’t think you can exhaust online homework help websites. The internet is flooded with free and paid sites; you can hardly know what to select. I too used free online study resources for my homework, especially assignments on math. I was surprised at how efficient a free study tool on the internet can be.

However, I’d like to caution you a little. Review the tool you select before letting your child use it. If you have a syllabus guide, use it to compare. In some instances, these websites stray away from the curriculum and may only confuse your child. Of course, it is good to build on one’s knowledge outside the expanse of school. However, younger kids need a sense of direction. Most of the things they are learning now are new to them and if you broaden the topic coverage, not only will they get confused but de-motivated.

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