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Where can I get online computer courses?

I am interested in online distance learning courses in computer. My new position requires some computer knowledge that is beyond my current ability. I continuously face hurdles when it comes to technicalities of data entry. This issue has led me to seek out advice on the best providers of computer classes with an excellent online learning center. A right center will be quite resourceful and educative.

Does anyone have information on the best places to get excellent online computer courses?

Please, help me.

Timothy Norman

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Justin Parker on May 21, 2018

You can get an online computer course from these sites:


This website offers a quality course on the basics of a computer. The program curriculum is informed by the way we rely on these machines for our daily lives. Most of our activities, e.g., paying taxes, learning, job applications and even cooking are increasingly relying on computers.

Therefore, comprehending the basics of computing is essential. Alison provides many options to allow you to choose the most appropriate online distance learning course for you. These courses are free.

Some of the computer lessons you can take include:

Microsoft Digital Literacy programs: These courses help you understand computer basics such as using the mouse, the keyboard, and the internet. You will also learn about privacy and security in this class.

Other lessons cover information on using Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Access 2010, and how to be efficient at touch typing.

These courses are quite engaging thus you will be drawn to it right after you start.


This site provides an essential course for everyone who can access a computer. Whether you are using a Mac, PC or Linux fan, computer classes from this site will be useful.

These free classes cover critical topics such as email, necessary computer skills, internet browsers, internet safety, Windows basics and Mac basics.

For more proficient users, there are free lessons on using the cloud, social media, search skills, mobile devices, and image editing. All information from this program is to bring you up to date with recent developments in the world of computing.

Home and Learn

This site has an online center for learning that offers free tutorials that have the beginner in computing in mind. You do not have to be conversant with computers to take this program. The tutorials offered are suitable for Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows 10.

Various lessons tackle dealing with spyware. The beginner's program on adopting wireless technologies covers the basics of routers, things to buy to go wireless and ensuring safety.

There are ten tutorials on Outlook Express.


This site offers basic computer education for seniors and beginners. Lessons are presented in video tutorials that provide valuable insight on basics of computers, Windows, Word, the desktop, troubleshooting, Outlook, and other topics.

Through the CTDLC, Meganga provides a free four-class tutorial that educates you on email skills, safety, computer skills, web skills, and word processing skills. 

Cynthia Baker2 years ago

I have noticed that you said you are only incapable of handling the technicalities of data entry. Therefore, I would suggest the following sites that offer online computer courses for advanced and intermediate users such as yourself:

This website provides hundreds of free lessons online from top educational institutions and other organizations. The classes can last for weeks and are helpful to advanced and intermediate users of computers.

The lessons here cover an array of issues such as social media, robotics, digital accessibility, researching and searching, managing your identity, and cybersecurity.


This website provides many free online courses in computer science. You can get self-paced classes. However, some courses will require you to put in weeks of study just like in a college setting. Some of the programs tackled include compilers, cryptography, program design, computer software, fundamentals of programming, hardware security, web intelligence, web development, and big data. 

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