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Where can I get online art classes for free?

I am looking to develop art skills and hopefully progress on it as a career later. I don’t have any time to attend classes physically because I am also working on a dissertation. Are there any reliable online art classes that I can enroll in and that are not too expensive? What are the best free online art courses that may lead to a degree later? Will I get college online classes in Art and what are the possibilities of getting online art history courses that are more specific?

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

1 answer

Derrick Little on March 28, 2018

Online courses are a great option when you need to learn a new skill without the luxury of time or cash to pay for tuition. While the world has just started opening itself up to the concept of distance learning, colleges have embraced the challenge and are providing free online courses for students to bridge the gap that exists in learning. Getting into online college classes will help out with time and cost management for yourself.

SkillShare is a great place to start if you are looking for online and free learning opportunities. They offer classes, workshops, and projects in different disciplines such as business, humanities, technology, and lifestyle. It also offers an entire range of creative sources which go into different disciplines of art such fine art, photography, graphic design, animation and UI/UX design among others.

At Jerry Sartarama, you’ll find an online collection of over 2000 videos relating to different aspects of art. This is great because, with videos, you can learn faster and get a better grip on things without necessarily visiting a classroom.  With all these videos Sartarama is a great resource for online free art courses and probably one of the most comprehensive you’ll find. With the Artists Network, you’ll be able to access online classes on art although these will not be free. You’ll need to part with a subscription fee of 17$ every month although the amount of material you get is high quality and almost unlimited. Also, the network focuses mostly on Fine Art which may lock out folks who need to access other aspects of art.

You’ve mentioned that you are also considering an online Art history course. What line in Art History are you looking at? You might want something as centered as Islamic art, or you may want something as broad as Western Art and Civilization. You may also be interested in specific characters in art history such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Da Vinci. You have to decide what course really interests you. Check out Artsy for more possibilities which you can choose from.  Not surprisingly, Sotheby’s which is probably the most famous art gallery in the world also offers art courses online, among them there is art history. Your options here are not limited.

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