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Where can I get online algebra help?

I’d like to get my brother online sources for algebra help. His problem with math hasn’t started now. He has always struggled to get average grades. Now math topics have become more complex therefore making it more difficult for him to keep up. I often had to give him algebra homework answers in his take-home assignments. I am now scared of how he will fare in the upcoming end of term exams. Does anyone have suggestions on where I can get algebra and pre algebra help?

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on March 20, 2018

Since he’s having challenges in math as a whole, I would recommend that he starts learning the basics. Sites such as Math Help gives students resources and assistance in a variety of math topics. However, since you have mentioned upcoming exams, you might not have the time to be ready him if you start from the beginning. I’ll recommend some good sites for help in algebra and also provide a few tips that you can use to help your brother study math and become better. Once you have enough time, you can start assisting him in math slowly. With time and the right attitude, he will soon get better at it.

Free websites for algebra and pre-algebra help:

Visual Math Learning

Khan Academy

Math learning tips for students:

  •    Make learning math fun.

Making something you otherwise don’t like fun to do is the best way to develop the right mental attitude. Arrange sessions where you can teach him using puzzles, games and quizzes activities so that he can learn complex math concepts. Additionally, there are plenty of shows on television that discuss math topics. Encourage him to watch them with a notebook and pen in hand.

  •    Employ the help of an Internet tool.

He can get plenty of tools online to help him learn math. These may include tutorials, quizzes, and mock exams.

  •    Let your brother solve problems on his own.

It’s alright to assist him in solving a math problem. However, do not give him answers to his algebra homework. He will not be willing to find solutions on his own if he knows you can give him. Teach him with similar examples but let him do the actual homework problems.

  •    Relate math problems with real everyday examples.

As you teach him a concept, try to relate it to real-world examples that employ these principles. For example, paying bills, calculating monthly earnings and so forth. Once he makes mental connections of concepts with practical application in real life, he can understand and recall calculations better.  

  •    Go back to older homework

Older assignments can guide you to identify his problem areas and work on them.  

  •    Talk to his teacher

Sometimes when a problem gets too tricky for you to solve on your own, you bring in a professional. In this case, it’s his teachers. They may better to diagnose and address the problem.

Olive Wilsona year ago

This answer sums it up. My firstborn son, who is in college now, struggled in math and I did not notice it until he asked me for algebra help while in high school. However, I rarely had time to help him with his homework. When I noticed that he was struggling in math, I went to see his teacher and figure out what we could do. Eventually, I fixed 30 minutes every day in the evening so we could learn math together using Math Help. I am saying learning rather than teaching because I wasn’t good at math myself.

He made a significant improvement, not that he overly excelled but started performing well enough to pass pre-college exams. What I have learned most from this experience is even if you dislike math, encourage and work with him.

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