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Where can I get nursing bursaries?

I’m pursuing a nursery career. I’d like to continue my studies, maybe even abroad. Do you know any international grants for nursing students? I know that this profession requires a lot of money to get a good qualification. It’s not cheap, but it’s my dream. So, I hope to have chances for a student finance bursary in some university.

One more thing—do you know what one needs to fill in the bursary application forms? There should be many requirements for such an important profession.

All in all, I would greatly appreciate any information on nursing bursaries you can give me.

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

1 answer

Melissa Norris on February 14, 2018

Well, you are right. Nursing is a very important job that is becoming more and more demanding. Nowadays, nurses have to know so many things that they can substitute a doctor in some cases. While the tuition is rather expensive, a grant for a nursing student is really hard to get. The competition is enormous.

There are a few good scholarships offered throughout the world. American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN), for example, gives Continuing Professional Development Scholarships. They are meant for the nursing students to acquire knowledge that goes beyond the traditional nursing program. Unfortunately, these scholarships are given for specific courses.

Northern Illinois University offers a few student finance bursaries, some of them are meant for nurses. There are various scholarships that are granted based on your achievements, finances, or research needs. They are available for undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate students. A pleasant surprise is the existence of the scholarships for the part-time students. So, if you are interested in starting your career while studying, there are great chances that you can not only save money due to the bursary in nursing but also get paid at the same time. Look at their website for the additional information:

The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) runs a few scholarships for nurses. They are funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Department of Social Services. The best thing is that you don’t have to be a member of the college to get the funding. I don’t know for sure, but I guess international students also meet their requirements. Their website should also provide application forms for bursaries to apply online.

However, many students are rushing to the U.S. to get a nursing degree because it provides the most opportunities, especially considering the recent issues of the UK nursery scholarships. America is now the primary destination for hundreds of thousands young nurses.

I’ve looked through many lists of the U.S. scholarships that think many of them are great. However, the best of them is this one:

You’ll notice that the University of Illinois is there as well. Well, it must be really great to get into various lists of the best nursery scholarships in the country. In addition, there is some governmental funding for both local and international students. Look at them as well.

Good luck with your search! I hope you can get the job of your dreams.

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

I would definitely pay attention to those government scholarships. Most students apply for universities directly and forget about this option. So, the competition should be less intense. There are only two offers of this nature in the provided list. So, I suggest looking for more options. I’m not even sure that they have scholarships for American students at all. What if they are all about the international ones?

I would also suggest looking at the private lenders and grants. If your financial circumstances prevent you from studying, there are many grants to help you. Many of them are general and you can pay for any courses with this money. Charities are also an option. They offer scholarships as well.

Well, you’ve chosen a difficult profession. The fees are large but so are the salaries. These days, nurses are earning more and more money. In the future, your efforts will be greatly rewarded.

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