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Where can I get informative school reviews?

My family and I recently moved to the US and our children have been out of school for a while. We are looking for a school but we are short on information. Therefore, I humbly ask for valuable sources of school reviews that will inform our choice of a public high school.

I am particularly asking for good sources of public school review. A good place that can provide relevant high school reviews.

I would also appreciate information on the best school rating website. I think that this will be more efficient.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on February 28, 2018

Getting your children to the best possible school is every parent’s desire. Identifying the same is not so easy though. You need to have a ton of information in order to make this important decision.

Personally, I consider as the best place to access public school reviews in the US. This website provides in-depth information on USA public schools and their surroundings. Moreover, the information is free of any charges.

This awesome website analyses and compares school performances with the national average. This includes vital aspects such as teacher to student ratios, academics grade, culture and diversity grade, teacher’s grade etc.

This site is of great importance to families that are moving just like yours. It provides a superb review of high schools that will be useful to you and your teenage children.

Of all the school rating websites you can find on the internet, I strongly recommend GreatSchools is a non-profit site that helps parents in exploring schools.

According to this site, they have helped millions of parents in identifying the best educational institutions for their children. It is responsible for providing parents with schools reviews that help in shaping of the pupil’s future.

Let me break down the work of this fabulous resource:

It provides information on schools

GreatSchools collaborates with national and state agencies to come up with detailed information on schools in every state. They also frequently update data on the website in order to refine on school ratings and profiles.

It provides important parenting resources

This site provides outstanding education and parenting information. The information is 100% original.

It also boasts of a huge library of information on the same.

It provides informative research and reports

GreatSchools provides well-researched and analyzed data that scrutinizes the trends, gaps and qualities of schools in America.

In the spirit of information dissemination, the people at this site endeavor to share their findings. This is done through reports that spark relevant conversation on the topics. These reports also provide a basis for future research in education with the intention of improving the sector.

Some of their reports are:

  1. Education Equality Index: This report evaluates the performance of pupils from lower income households. Comparisons are also made with other cities.
  2. Searching for Opportunity: It takes a deeper look into the racial disparities in access to good schooling in California. Moreover, it provides a list of Spotlight Schools.

Brian Warner2 years ago

This writer sure knows about this topic. I would like to suggest another school rating website. Visit to get access to get a review of various schools in the US.

At Niche, a parent gets information on schools and suitable neighborhoods. I find this website more informative because:

  • They undertake a meticulous analysis of schools. Niche uses a lot of information to come up with their ranking. This includes a lot of reviews, profiles and report cards. The data on this site is also frequently updated. Therefore, you are guaranteed appropriate data each time you access this site.
  • The information on Niche is as true as it can get. A large number of reviews used in Niche ranking provides information that is very indicative of the situation on the ground. Additionally, they undertake many polls that provide an indication of what the people say about various schools in America.

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