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Where can I get free grants for education in the UK?

College in the UK is quite expensive for me. I need some financial help to be able to meet my college costs and be comfortable as a student. Last year, I tried applying for various student grants 2017 and was not successful.

Despite that, I am looking for free grants to help me achieve my dream of attaining higher education this year. However, I have no information on where to source for the same.

So, can anyone offer me information on what student grants UK I can apply for?

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on June 1, 2018

First, let me commence by lauding your spirit. You did not allow the fact that you were unable to secure a student grant in 2017 dampen your enthusiasm. You did not give up. Instead, you are here asking for information on where you can get grants to help you pursue a noble course that is higher education.

There are several grants that you can apply for this year. Several organizations in the UK freely grant these wards to students who communicate their plight efficiently. Hence, when you are applying for them, ensure that you provide as much information as possible on your situation. If you are required to write an essay, make sure that you write a compelling one.

I will highlight some educational trusts that offer student grants in the UK. Note, that these grants usually focus on a specific group of students. Many factors influence the award of grants. For instance, the grant providers try to align their grant awards to their charitable missions. Therefore, scrutinize the trusts below to identify the ones that you can apply for:

Robert Nicol Trust

This trust is a charity that helps students in the UK to pursue education. To qualify for a grant from this charity, you should be from or based in the Aberdeen area. Moreover, you ought to be pursuing a course that is recognized by the trust at post-school level.

St Nicholas Trust

If you are currently residing in New Castle, aged 25 or under, and can demonstrate financial need, then try applying for grants from this trust.

All Saints Trust

Grants from this site are awarded to students who are over the age of 18. This award targets to enhance teacher education. Moreover, they aim to facilitate useful professional development in various disciplines. These include Home Economics, Religious Education, Public Health Promotion, and food and nutrition education.

The grants from All Saints go towards courses that foster Christian life values and insights.

Caledonian Trust

To qualify for a grant from the Caledonian Trust, you must be borne of Scottish Parents. Your parents need to have served in the Armed Forces. You also need to show that your financial situation might bar you from attaining higher education.

Hampton Lucy Trust

Do you meet the following eligibility requirements? You are below 25 years of age and reside in the Parishes of Charlecote, Wasperton, Alveston, or Hampton Lucy.

Yes? Try applying for a grant from this trust. 

Ronald Miller2 years ago

The trusts mentioned above indeed offer free grants to students. I have come across several students who have benefited from grants from these trusts. I encourage you to utilize this information to apply for the same. A grant is an award; you will not have to pay it back. Therefore, this keeps you away from accruing interest fees were you to take a student loan.

Some other trusts I am aware of from interactions with students are- The Reid Trust and Eagle House Trusts.

To qualify for a grant from Reid Trust, you should be a woman who has taken secondary or tertiary education or both in Britain. You should be seeking to further your education, research, or training in the UK at a recognized educational institution. You do not have to be British born to apply.

The Eagle Trust gnats are offered to students from historic Avon and Somerset. 

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