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Where can I get English grammar exercises on downloadable worksheets?

I will be sitting for an English grammar test quiz in a weeks’ time, and I have not adequately prepared. I am taking English as a Second Language (ESL) and would like to get these worksheets to use them in my revision. The grammar exercises contained within will help me to anticipate the questions that will be on the quiz efficiently. This will, in turn, help me score a good grade on the test. Can anyone provide information on where I can get practice exercises on downloadable English grammar worksheets?

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on March 15, 2018

English grammar test quizzes are often very challenging. Therefore, you ought to adequately prepare to ensure success. I laud your decision to choose a downloadable worksheet for revision. It is easy to carry around and constantly having this material will increase your revision frequency and thus ensure you grasp more.

To get a good English grammar worksheet that you can download go to the Busy Teacher website.

About Busy Teacher Grammar Worksheets

The people behind this fabulous website understand that it can be very tough to learn English grammar. That is the reason they provide you with over 11,000 printable and downloadable grammar worksheets absolutely free of charge. The worksheets focus on an array of topics within the English language. Some of the issues covered include such grammar aspects as gerund, tenses, prepositions, modal verbs and others.

Another awesome thing is that you do not have to sign up or register for you to download these invaluable resources. All you have to do is to click on the topic that you want worksheets and proceed to click on the download prompt in the resulting page.

The worksheets on Busy Teacher result from contributions by many qualified ESL teachers. Please bear in mind that these worksheets are sole to amplify on your class work and not a class on their own.

The exercises on grammar contained within are strict to provide you with additional resources for personal practice. They act as filler material for your English lessons to help you comprehend more and make you recall what you have learned.

The fact you can download these worksheets ensures that you can be able to keep revising for your tests at any time. The worksheets serve various purposes. Some are for grammar exercises and others are for sound exercises.  

There are also worksheets that cater to the young learner. These often feature illustrations and pictures. The worksheets can be sorted as most downloaded, latest and most popular.

Busy Teacher grammar worksheets also have a feature that indicates the level of ESL students it is meant for. Be sure to check out whether your worksheet is for intermediate or beginner before downloading. You can do this by sliding your cursor on the document then clicking ‘quick view’ to preview it. In the end, you can share new worksheets you will find useful with them.

Tad Fraziera year ago

From the information contained in the answer above, I think that Busy Teacher is definitely worth checking out. There are also several other sites that provide English grammar worksheets that can be downloaded. I find worksheets very efficient for student revision since they can be accessed at any time.

When it comes to a source of such worksheets, here is my stab at it. I find grammar sheets from very useful. This site has awesome grammar worksheets that will help your students learn and improve their English. Information on this site is credible. It is provided by a teacher with over two decades of experience in teaching English. provides lots of practice questions and answers. It is very useful in guiding the learner and providing a meaningful learning process. All the worksheets are in pdf format.

Another awesome bit is that all the information is free.

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