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Where can I get a good geometry tutor?

I’m in dire need of a good geometry tutor who is very skilled in the subject. My final exams are approaching and I really need some tutoring. I don’t want to be taken by surprise again like during my previous exams and that is why I want to familiarize myself with the various techniques and principles associated with geometry. I also understand the importance of elementary tutoring but I didn’t have a tutor when I was younger so now I definitely need a good one to help me with my studies. As for math, my mum plans on getting the best math tutor in the district and I trust her to do that. I love my academics and I always want to get the best out of it so I’d really appreciate some useful suggestions.

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on October 9, 2018

I really love the fact that you’re passionate and enthusiastic about your academics and your desire to succeed compared to your mates who would rather play video games and sleep. I find your question very intelligible and I admire your zeal. I agree that it great to get a tutor during elementary school and it’s not because most kids are dumb at that age but it’s a time when students are just being introduced to various subjects to be studied through high school and college. Take math, for instance, if you have no mastery of fundamental principles of math, you’re never going to excel in it. I’m talking about the rule of BODMAS (which includes division, multiplication, addition, subtraction, use of brackets, etc.) If you cannot explain how to solve simple math problems, you won’t be able to handle tasks that are more difficult. So if you find math difficult, there’s need for your parents to get you one of the best math tutors in the district. Math is a compulsory course or subject in the curriculum of any school; you cannot escape it. Even if you don’t want to major in science or technology, it’s a subject you’re required to pass if you want to gain admission into any college of your choice.

One major advantage of the elementary tutor is that he or she can help develop good study habits and attitude. This has always been a plus for parents and students. Another major benefit is confidence of students. Some students find it very difficult to ask questions in class and this can bring a decrease in their self-esteem. Some of these students actually try to avoid getting mocked by their classmates especially when they’re not too certain about what to say; so they prefer to stay quiet than being faced with the trauma of embarrassment. However, getting a good tutor eliminates all the uncertainties and fears. Students become more confident in class doing away with all forms of shyness. Tutoring also helps to better social and behavioral skills of a child; the child’s communication and sociability skills are improved and he or she is able to create relationships with colleagues while making adjustments where necessary.

Having the best tutors of geometry enables students to be confident providing them with the necessary skills needed to succeed at school. Well, since I have no detail about your location, you can simply surf the internet for the best tutors in your district; of course, you have to include the name of your district in the search. For instance, if you live in Florida, you can search for the “best tutors in Florida”.

Kyle Mckinney8 months ago

I have recently found myself advising and encouraging some parents to get math tutors for their kids who had problems with math. I conducted an interview with about 50 parents. The interview showed that out of the 50 parents, only 15 of them had private tutors for their kids while the remaining 35 didn’t. Out of the above mentioned 15, I discovered that 13 of them had their kids performing very well at school while the other two kids were just okay and by that I mean, a little above average. This emphasizes the need and importance of elementary tutoring. There are a number of amazing elementary tutors around the world today so I thnk every child should have a tutor when starting studying ar school. 

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