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Where can I get a good English test online?

I have been feeling an urge to improve my English (spoken and written). School that I finished a decade ago was a major place for the use of English to me. My life outside school rarely requires me to use good English leading to my deterioration in the language. Therefore, I am seeking for recommendations of websites that offer a free online English test. I am particularly interested in enriching my sentences and boosting my vocabulary. If you have used these tests, please suggest the sites that have helped you test your English level.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on March 15, 2018

Learning is an endless process. Many people think that learning stops the moment you graduate from school. This is not the case; when it comes to English, it will be wrong to assume that you are conversant with the language just because you can speak it and even write it.

English just like many other languages keeps on evolving. There are words in the language now that were not used before. On the other hand, some words are not used now but were used in the past years.

This among several other reasons is a cause to ensure that you constantly acquit yourself with the developments in the language. When it comes to writing, the styles have also changed and thus you ought to keep abreast with the same through taking English tests online, participating in public speaking, attending English language seminars, etc.

The Internet is filled with many websites that can offer you free online English tests. Many among them have answers to help you learn new knowledge in case you get them wrong. The best of these sites include the following:

Ils English

This site is very good to test your level of English. The test is super quick. It entails a maximum of 50 sentences that require you to provide the right answer in a blank by clicking on the answer you choose.

When you finish your test, your score is provided automatically as a percentage. Along with this an approximation of your English level is provided.

Bear in mind that this test is not an absolute indicator of your level.

Cambridge Assessment English

This is a section of the University of Cambridge that helps you learn and improve your English skills. Tests offered here are meant to ensure that you learn to communicate effectively.

A good thing with the people at this site is that they support throughout your learning process.

The tests and qualifications offered by this site are recognized by more than 20,000 establishments all over the world. These are:

  1. Linguaskill
  2. Cambridge English Teaching
  3. Cambridge English Qualifications
  4. IELTS

Exam English

This site is a good one to test your level of English. It is comprised of two tests i.e.

  1. Listening test
  2. Grammar and  vocabulary test

Your level is determined by using the CEF level i.e.A2 to C2. Your results can be sent to your email.

Charles McAlear2 years ago

Another awesome site for a free online English test has to be the St George International Online English Test. It provides an indication of your present English level immediately after you submit your answers to provided sets of questions.

This English test consists of 40 questions which test your grammar in the language as well as vocabulary, phrasal verbs, and idioms. These are particularly suited to you since you need to improve your sentences and learn vocabulary.

The test requires you to choose the correct answer to the questions from provided multiple-choices. Only one choice is correct for each question.

You are required to click on the SUBMIT prompt at the lower part of the webpage after you feel that you have answered the questions sufficiently. Please note that after you do this, you will not be able to go back to the questions and make any alterations on your work.

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