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Where can I get a free math tutor online for a student in 8th grade?

I am looking for a free math tutor online. My son in eighth grade has been really struggling with the subject. This started after he missed school for almost a month due to a rare illness. I am looking for free tutoring because I used most of my savings treating him.

Math tutoring with a good mathematics tutor is all my son needs. He just needs to catch up with fellow students. The math tutoring center near us does not offer tutoring for 8th grade students.

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on February 27, 2018

The Khan Academy is one of the best free math tutors online. This awesome academy offers free tutoring online. The learning process here adheres to global standards.

This academy differs from the mathematics tutoring centers in that it offers mathematics tutoring in two modes: These are:

Mathematics by topics/subject: This is mathematics tutoring on a topic by topic approach. Various topics that students face difficulty in are identified and tackled. Some of the topics include:

  • Precalculus
  • Trigonometry,
  • Early mathematics,
  • Arithmetic,
  • Algebra 1
  • Differential equations and
  • Linear equations

Math by class/grade: This is math tutoring based on the grade of a student. Here tutoring is offered from kindergarten all the way to high school.

Why you should choose Khan Academy for your son.

The following are conclusions made on a Khan Academy report on mathematics:

  1. The students who score at least 60% in Math at this academy experience improvement of up to 1.8 times in the NWEA test.
  2. Students who use this academy make significant improvements in SATs.
  3. The attitude of students towards mathematics changed for the better after using this academy.
  4. Student confidence in tackling mathematics problems increased after joining Khan Academy. Furthermore, math anxiety among students reduced after experiencing this academy.
  5. Maths tutors in schools reported that Khan had a positive influence on the students.

Some of the topics covered for the 8th grade include:

  1. Numbers and operations: These tutorials teach students on new operations and new number types.
  2. Tackling equations with a single unknown: In this topic, a student is tutored on multi step problems such as 6x + 5 = 6x -7.
  3. Linear equations and functions: This topic tackles linear relationships, functions and linear graphs. Areas covered include linear models, recognizing functions, function notation, intercepts and slope.
  4. Systems in equations: This addresses the math problem of handling many equations simultaneously. The student learns how to set up and tackle systems in equations.
  5. Geometry: This is where students learn about angles in a more in-depth manner. Areas covered include Pythagorean theorem, finding volumes of cones, spheres and cylinders. Reflections, translations, congruence, rotations and similarity are also tackled.
  6. Geometric transformations:  This topic teaches the student how to do transformations i.e. rotations, translations, dilations and reflections.
  7. Data and modeling: This topic tackles the problem areas of lines of best fit, scatter plots and 2 way tables.

Jordan Sotoa year ago

Another site that offers free math tutoring online for 8th graders is Sylvan learning.

Sylvan learning has qualified tutors and instructors. They utilize interactive technology during tutoring sessions. These ensure that the process is very engaging.

The teaching process entails challenging and motivating sessions that draw the student into the learning process.

For your information, Sylvan Learning is the biggest privately owned company that employs qualified K-12 instructors around the globe.

Learning here employs the Sylvan Method. This is a method that was formulated after a great deal of thorough research. The findings were combined with technology and teaching experience to provide this unrivaled teaching approach.

Highlights of Sylvan tutoring:

  1. Highly qualified teachers
  2. Student specific tutoring
  3. Very effective tutoring process

The Sylvan 8th grade math tutoring ensures the student can:

  • Use probability to predict outcomes.
  • Interpret information in a box plot.
  • Utilize data to construct a scatter plot.

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