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Where can I get a free English course?

I want to learn English online to improve my opportunities in the modern world. I have noticed that English is a medium of communication in most aspects of business, tourism, instruction, interaction, and travel in recent times. Most jobs I have applied for require that I provide a certificate of English proficiency. My English is currently at the intermediate level. I am confident that a right English course will help me improve my English level in a short time.

Please advise me on where to get a learn English online free course.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on April 17, 2018

The following are some of the best sites for free online English learning courses:

Learn English Online (LEO network)

The LEO Network is a non-profit establishment that has been offering support to English as Second Language students for almost two decades. This organization run by volunteers who love this subject. Learning events here are for helping both EFL and ESL teachers and learners.  There are several modes of learning at no cost. This network provides information educational material on British English grammar and vocabulary. Some of the resources used are free English publications, games, diaries, tests and lessons. All these resources are for providing a deeper understanding of British culture, customs and traditions.

The LEO network tackles many aspects of  English via their up-to-date Internet-based technologies. There is a lot of information to facilitate your learning of free English courses.

This site offers materials that will help you with pronunciation and listening skills. Moreover, some segments cover the fundamentals of English, grammar exercises and spelling activities, e.g., tests, games, and quizzes.  A vast vocabulary segment with relevant illustrations and pictures is present to help you learn about British customs, traditions, and culture as a whole.

This site also offers a monthly English magazine for free to ensure you read new material each month.


Alison offers a free online English courses who wish to study the language on an online platform. These courses cover various aspects of the language such as pronunciation and vocabulary. These are very useful to people like you who want to polish up your English.

Alison also offers a Basic English Grammar Diploma to allow you to learn the more intricate details of the langauge.


This website offers English courses for all those who said to themselves “I want to study English.”  These classes are suitable for people at all levels of English. These free lessons combine audio and video lessons with engaging teachers who are professionals of English curriculum development for adults.

For each lesson, there you can access written notes on what you will cover. Therefore, understanding the course becomes much easier. There is also a group forum that allows you to exercise on writing and reading together with other students. Premium membership allows you to access essential features, e.g., quizzes and SRS flashcards on every lesson. You can also record your English speech and compare it to that of a native speaker.

Eric Bates11 months ago

USA Learns is yet another website that offers free English courses. This renowned site provides educative and comprehensive English courses for all interested adults. It provides a combination of listening, reading, speaking and writing classes. Moreover, there are quizzes to assess your progress. This course gets its funding from the government of the United States, therefore, is offered at no cost. Most of the course content is suitable for people who are new to the United States. For instance, there is a lesson covering information on paying taxes in America.

However, information contained on this site is still useful to any other learner of English. Essential grammar lessons come out of these exercises. The lessons at USA Learns are suitable for those at the beginner English level up to the intermediate level. Though this tool is still helpful to those who are at the advanced English level.

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